How does trading with other people work?

Sorry Im still new to the DTP trading system, I would like to ask this questions regarding trading:

1.) How much does the trading price cost?
2.) Is there a limit on how many Items you can trade to another person?
3.) Does it work on mobile?
4.) How much would you price depending on rarity?
5.) And lastly how do you do it? I would like a step by step guide if you dont mind :slight_smile:


Lets see. I haven’t been able to trade because I haven’t leveled up but to answer your question to the knowledge I know:

  1. Unfortunately I dont remember a perfect amount but if I remember correctly, somewhere between 200 and 500…?

  2. To what I know, there is no limit. The only limitations is what you own, what the person owns, and how much DP you have to trade.

  3. I believe it works on mobile. I dont exactly know because I haven’t traded yet.

  4. Price is a bit difficult. Some others value some things more than others. But if I were to make an estimated guess, Tier 1 would be around 100 or less because of how common it is and Tier 10 would be worth roughly 1k to 5k. Whatever others are willing to buy it for.

  5. If I remember correctly, you have to be Crew and be at either a level 20 or 30. You use the DP you earn to increase your XP efficiency to level up quicker. I believe even gaining DP or playing on the server gets you quite a bit of exp. Voting also is quite helpful for XP in early stages. I do not know if it’s XP gain stays the same or increases depending on your level.

I hope this helps give you somewhat of a better understanding! I wish you great luck and have fun!


This is really Informative and I really appreciate your time on making this! Getting “crew” is my goal for now! Thank you man :blush:


You’re very welcome! Best of luck on your journey to become a Crew member!

  1. 500 dp. Exactly
  2. No as far as i know
  3. Yea, i traded with @Nextar
  4. All depends on you. If you want to clear space - better reduce prices, if gain profit - increase

idk about crew, but level yes. You better fill your xp eff to 100-200% (include that 1% is 50 dp after 100%). Collect some people on discord to farm on -hc shadow, it will be a huge boost

(also both people should be that level)

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Thank you for your time onto making this! It was really informative, and regarding on

Yess I do need to reduce allot of space and I was thinking of making a wholesale trade (ex: 3-colors and 3-tags for 0.15 credits)

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hold up. 15 creds? does anyone even have 3?!

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Oh fudge I meant 0.15 sorry hahahaha

I will change it…

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well, i’ve ever saw someone sent an image of their credits dtp in discord, they have like about 7 - 11 credits (i dont remember who, but ive ever saw maybe like almost year ago) :xaa: