How do you login to terraria server?

Do you have to use your name and password for dark gaming?

yes you have to
just not irl name
and irl pass (just reemmeber it)

I still can’t log in

I’m doing the command right and typing my password but it still isn’t working

(Edit : I forgot to register…

I’m an idiot
Every thing is in working order)

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i need help loging in plz

what do you mean

To login do /register (password); wait for rep-mode to end (just wait an hour or so); then finally do /login (password).
You are only allowed to make one account in Dark Gaming per IP, so make sure that your character name is the username you want for Dark Gaming. Once you validate an account with a character on the server, the name of that character will permanently become the name of your Dark Gaming account.

Since what I said did not help you, I assume you are referring to the creation of a DTP account
Go here and login with your in-game credentials to create an account on the website (not in the server). With this, you can gain access to commands and customize your in-game username with colors, tags, and titles.

Is this what you are asking me when you posted this: