How do I use [SC]>buff?

I recently got this command [SC]>buff for the game and I exactly dont know how to use it. I tried this but it wont work.

!buff ironskin 60
!cooldown 20

It isn’t a cmd but a permission. The SC means Sign Command,
just like as you typed here. !buff/!boss “TYPE” “Amount/Time (per seconds)”
!cooldown “cooldown time per. seconds”
Sign commands are used in the boss/mobs arenas, so you can also make one of those signs with
this permission.


Is it under development in tShock because I got it in a trade?

Yes the server has lots of plugins as you probably saw.

The Cmd is pending change. the [SC]!buff doesn’t actually work because of an issue with Sign Commands. So to resolve this issue I’m going to change it to [SC]!command which allows you to basically create a sign that can execute any command you need when you destroy it.