How do i send like emoji thingy but its a terraria item

Help how do i send emoji (terraria items) in chat or it just can for pc?

See at the chat in this picture


On PC, hold Alt and click an item in your inventory to show an item in chat. Contrastively, there’s no no quick and easy method to do this on mobile, so to show items in chat, you have to manually write an item tag.

Item Tag Format:

[i:Item ID or Name)]

  • p specifies a modifier
  • s or x specifies the quantity of stacked items


  • [i/p57:4] displays a Ruthless Iron Broadsword
  • [i/s10:29] displays a stack of 10 Life Crystals.

Does mobile are compatible to do that?

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This is the mobile option. So… do this instead.

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Ok, thank for the information

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