How do I log in

I have logged in on here and used my terraria name. Do I have to wait a bit for it to white list me?


Accounts on the Dark Gaming Forums are entirely separate from in - game accounts. To register in - game, use the command /register in the Rift Dimension. Full format:

The FAQ is a bit out of date, but all the useful information is there regarding logging in. If the server tells you to wait before registering… well, you’ll have to wait. There’s no way around it.


Do what Tru3thful said, what I was going to say was

Logging in here doesn’t give you an account in-game. The way you get this is:

  • Think of a good password.
  • Go to Rift, then type /register <password>.
  • After that, do /login <password>.

This should make you an account, then log you in.