How Do Bank Sentires Work?

After banks just got completely reworked, I never actually learned how to use them. Can someone tell me?

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I’m gonna assume this isn’t a recent rework and instead the older one that changed to on-kill rewards and interest rates.

The simple answer for this is to

  • Spam low-tier minigun sentries in a safe spot

  • Place a bank nearby, and let it rack up points until it reaches the round where its interest rate lowers(This is dependent on the amount of points it holds. If you don’t reach that number, your interest rate won’t lower).

  • After the interest rate significantly lowers, you pick the bank up and toss it into a horde of mobs just to watch it ruthlessly get murdered for your profit.

“Some” things to note are as follows:

  • You should be upgrading the minigun sentries accordingly. For example, by round seven, when spore zombies are introduced, upgrade to tier three for the meteor shots since they pierce(might not be necessary but it is convenient to prevent wandering mobs a bit)

  • Having a ton of banks at once might not help. Usually placing one and upgrading it reasonably is good enough. If you feel like it, place another one after the first holds a decent lead in points.

  • Even if banks cost 1/4 of other sentries, they still increase the cost of other sentries accordingly(as in, the same as any other would).

  • Upgrades shouldn’t be spammed on banks. Somewhere around 0.5 - 1 in interest rate is more than enough. Once banks start lowering their interest rate, further upgrading them tends to be a waste of points if done more than once or twice.

  • Banks won’t give their points out to everyone of death.

  • The Sentry ability is a 75% increase in cost for items purchases. You probably aren’t going to be buying much until a much later round, especially with this rework.

  • Sand Elementals are stupid. Pirate Captains are stupid. Gastropods are stupid. You get the point.


this made me laugh out loud

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