How 2 Get Max Damage (Melee Obviously)



  • Solar Flare Helmet (26% Melee Critical Strike Chance)
  • Solar Flare Breastplate (29% Melee Damage)
  • Valhalla Knight’s Greaves (20% Melee Critical Strike Chance)


  • Legendary Zenith (19% Critical Strike Chance)
  • Use the weapon against any 0 defense hitbox - the Target Dummy being the ideal hitbox
  • Stand behind the target using the zenith for max damage


  • Menacing Fire Gauntlet (14% Melee Damage)
  • Menacing Celestial Shell at Night (19.1% Melee Damage and 4% Critical Strike Chance)
  • Menacing Warrior Emblem (19% Melee Damage)
  • Menacing Mechanical Glove (16% Melee Damage)
  • Menacing Avenger’s Emblem (16% Damage)
  • Menacing Destroyer Emblem ((14% Damage)
  • Lucky Putrid Scent (5% Damage and 9% Critical Strike Chance)



  • Rage Potion (10% Critical Strike Chance)
  • Any Food Article which gives Exquisitely Buffed (10% Damage and 4% Critical Strike Chance)
  • Greater Luck Potion (Explained Below)
  • Wrath Potion (10% Damage)
  • Sake/Ale (10% Melee Damage and 2% Melee Critical Strike Chance)


  • I cannot give an exact percentage, but luck increases damage
  • The game calculates a random damage value based off a damage equation
  • If the player has >0 Luck, the game calculates a number between 0 and 1 after an initial damage value is produced
  • If the generated number is less than the player’s luck, the game will redo the damage calculations to produce a seperate damage value from the one initially made
  • The greater of the two damage values produced will be inflicted

Note: Max Luck is 1

  • Lantern Nights (+0.3)
  • Torch Luck (+0.2)
  • Gnomes (+0.2)
  • Greater Luck Potion (+0.3 when > 5 minutes buff duration)

If there is no lantern night, use ladybug luck.

  • Ladybug luck caps at +0.4 and decreases over time
  • Touching the hitbox of naturally-spawning Golden Ladybugs will give “good ladybug luck” for 24 minutes whilst touching the hitbox of naturally-spawning normal Ladybugs will give 12 seconds of “good ladybug luck”

However Ladybugs only spawn in Windy Days. . .

  • If you do not have “bad ladybug luck” from killing town NPCs (besides the Clothier) or killing/fishing with ladybugs, you can kill the Guide for 4 minutes of “good ladybug luck”


Feral Bite

  • 20% Damage
  • Feral Bite from getting hit from bats (Cave Bats, Jungle Bats, Giant Bats, and Giant Flying Foxes) or Duke Fishron
  • Use Bat Statues to easily get this effect

Shrimpy Truffle

  • 15% Damage
  • “Activate” the Cute Fishron Mount by either: getting yourself below 50% health, being in a liquid, or giving yourself the Wet debuff using the Water Gun
  • To get yourself below 50% health, you can easily use the Rod of Discord

Nebula Boost

  • Wearing full Nebula Armor, hit any mob with magic weapons, projectiles, or minions to make those mobs release Nebula Boosts
  • Each Damage Nebula Boost gives 8 seconds of stackable 15% extra damage, and you can have a maximum of 3 Nebula Boosts for 45% extra damage which will last for 8 seconds until degenerating to 30% extra damage and so on so forth

Defense Decreasing Debuffs

  • Although the Target Dummy has 0 defense, you could also inflict debuffs to mobs with defense in order to do more damage against them
  • Betsy’s Wrath can be used to inflict Betsy’s Curse which decreases the target’s defense by 40
  • The Golden Shower can be used to inflict Ichor which decreases the target’s defense by 20

Enemy Banners

  • If fighting against mob entities, you can place their corresponding banners to do +50% more damage in normal mode and +100% more damage in expert/master mode
  • Crawlipedes are an ideal target since they have 0 defense, so they are greaty affected by their corresponding banner because of this.

Striking Moment

  • It increases your damage to 500% for one melee attack
  • With the Brand of the Inferno, you can temporarily wear any shield accessory so that you can right click as soon as any enemy hitbox collides with yours in order to gain Striking Moment for 5 seconds
  • It is recommended that the Sergeant United Shield is used, since it works the same as the Brand of the Inferno but does not require a shield accessory.
  • This buff only affects your dps for only 1 initial hit, so although having an affect of 500% on damage, it is not a major buff in terms of dps over a more extended period of time.

Can someone test this and produce a dps value? I used this set-up, but I failed to account for luck.

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isn’t Chlorophyte Mask better?

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That was for defense only, it didn’t boost damage. Now has 20 defense instead of 40 now

Mask does 16% melee damage and 6% melee crit

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hm I see, I was using this loadout

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Ok in the previous post, which is now deleted, I literally overlooked the fact that the solar flare helmet actually increased melee critical strike chance. Ok then. . .

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Also, why are you using putrid scent? If you use the eye of the golem, won’t you need less lucky modifiers?


with that loadout I have 100% crit and 562 zenith dmg (no shrimpy truffle buff) :confused:


ok nvm,


Can you tell me what modifiers you are using? I’m going to try to do the maths.


6 menacing and 1 with lucky, my loadout is legolas#melee


Yeah ok, so to put it simply, you have to get more lucky modifiers if you’re using the chlorophyte mask. When you do that, you get less damage %. With the solar flare helmet, you can get more menacing modifiers, so you do more damage %.

Meanwhile, the difference between the putrid scent and golem’s eye is not very drastic. A menacing golem eye has 4% damage and 10% crit while a lucky putrid scent has 5% damage and 9% crit. I guess technically the putrid scent is better for 1% more damage

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For one hit you have striking moment. It doesn’t do a dent to the dps.

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Tbh I should put banners and MAYBE striking moment in the post.

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Idk, crawlipedes, shadow jousting lance, inner tube, etc. Tbh I should change the “Damage” part in the title to “DPS”.

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yea I wonder how much dmg you can get

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Well, you probably can’t find that value emprically, because the critical strike chance and the new LUCK feature are supposed to be accounted. Honestly, the only way to truly figure out the single MAXIMUM possible damage in a single blow, is by doing the maths.

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