House Protection and DPT

Hellos all. Just have a few questions. How do i in Survival mode protect my entire house? I have done the 2 points thing but only those areas were protected.

All, ow does DTP work. Is it a currency i can use with other players?

Thank you in advance.

Dtp stands for dark trading post. It is the server’s economy system that you can access at
DP (dark points) is the currency used for exchanges, though at the moment the economy is in a poor state so it has little use for actually trading. You can read more about the server here:
Check out jet stream’s faq

When setting a house you:
Do /house define. Hit two opposite corners that encompass the desired area. This forms a rectangular region that is made of your two points. If you need to resize, delete the house and try again, though do be wary it is unprotected during then.