Holy has arrived

hey guys im holy, you might see me on survival for most of the day. if i may make use of this thread, can someone introduce me to the rest of the server and how it works?


Greetings human and welcome! Please, enjoy your stay! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of us! Good luck and have fun!


Survival is, for the most part, just the basic game of Terraria with some elements tweaked to accomodate for large amounts of players, i.e. regenerating worlds, building claims, etc., and resets every week.

Build is… just the name of the Dimension. You place blocks and make pretty structures.

PvP is Dark Gaming’s modified PvP Dimension that uses plugins to balance different weapons against each other to make significantly more options viable, as well as ban things that are extremely strong for what they offer.

Items is the free items Dimension. You can take what you want from the chests to perfect builds of various sorts and purposes, and if something isn’t available or if you don’t want to spend the RNG trying to acquire a specific modifier on a weapon or accessory, you can use the /i command to give yourself almost any item in the game.

PvE is where players can freely spawn bosses to fight using any equipment they want. Though, because this does include all of the most powerful equipment in the game, most of the bosses in the Dimension have their attack and health stats massively ramped up so that players can actually be threatened and they have to actively be paying attention to what’s happening, instead of being able to literally just walk away from their playing device.

Gamemodes hosts radically custom methods of playing Terraria with other players, which currently only has Zombies, a cooperative - based mode that has the simple goal of surviving as long as you can.

The Dark Gaming Trading System, commonly referred to as “DTP,” can be accessed at dtp.dark-gaming.com/ using your in - game account name and password, and enables you as a player to be able to earn DP, the server’s main virtual currency, as well as XP, to progress in levels in the server’s virtual economy. The incentive for doing so are cosmetics which can add a title in front of your name (not to be confused with a rank), change the color of most if not all of your text, and add a tag that comes after your name.

I’m no expert on the server as a whole, especially not on the economy side, so if anything else pops up as a question, feel free to reach out to me, or even better, other experienced members of this community! In - game chat can work, but another option which seems to be more active is the Dark Gaming Discord server, where you can meet other players to play with as well as find more information. Have fun!


Please stop leaching my frost cores lmao


what about duel?


I think duel is still in-progress, you have to manually access it. There’s a thread about its progress from Rofle somewhere, I think it’s linked on the “Guide to Gamemodes” guide.


Yes, duels is still in-progress, and yes, you have to manually access it via command input:

  • /join duel