Hold Breath

Map name- Hold Breath

Position: (2643 East, 1912 Caverns)(go sandbox, leave from upper left, use minecart)

Builders: LoliciApo

Unverified rating: Normal

Ownership: I do permit someone else to take over ownership of my map and for it to be processed and setup without me if I am inactive or unavailable. I allow unauthorized edits by administrators/managers.

I will be inactive for about a month, I really should study second midterm exams right now, so If you like the map and see potential, I allow you to finish it.

Here is s few of my plans if you interested
I was planning to add a moded breathing rod for the melee class.
Since the map is dark, most weapons should have light source for a beatifull view.
Breathing and swimming accessories should be included, inner tube should definitely be included.
Roof thingy is necessary, I want to give players a little bit of protection, and tiny holes should remain for sentry class.
Don’t forget to add ocean sound disc.
Add buttons to activate toilets :smile:
If possible, a jellyfish spawner(like 1 per 3min) might look cool.
Add worm scarf no matter what.
I want to see less used weapons in zombies mod, such as daybreak.
But these all are my starter ideas and suggestions, the map is yours now. Just add my name in it


Hi! Please follow the map submission format pasted for you when you create a new topic in this category


Map isn’t ready at all I just wanted to say, anyone can finish if they wish


submissions are for maps that are finished and ready to be moved to the zombies dimension, so I suggest you make a seperate post under the #zombies category asking if someone would like to work on the map


kk, I did it