hey dark gaming, just thought i’d say hi :smiley:
no clue what ver terraria is now…what ver is it? maybe i can join the server for OTS…
best regards to all the new staffz and old staffz is the current version. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to meet you! :smiley: I’m Tip on the server.

:open_mouth: weegee it’s me! Do you remember me? Anyway hi and nice to see you again.

hi i heard a lot about u

Hello and welcome Sir, I am Azer195 (but my Username on the server is Azer). You can call me Azer or Vince.

I will be at your service If I am not helping someone else at the moment.

WB weeg!!!

thanks all. um, i’ll try to pirate the latest version.
hey con, you’re only mod…? surprising. you joined even before I did. ugh. I still think experience should be the main factor of promotion like it used to cough bvery (no offense dude I’m just saying your name bc you got admin in 2 weeks :p) cough i think you should be promoted, best of luck on that :smiley:

Connor is admin now. Bvery has a player report on him and I am hoping he gets banned for what he said.

hi and welcome back I am Peter on the server

I am known as Legoman on the server, and I hear good things about you, and if half of it is true, then you are a great person. So, welcome back to the server!

Hey WeeGee I did get admin! :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you can play agin one day, becuase you were a really good staff and friendly member o:

yeaa but then i got mad cuz of the whole unfairness of staff promotion like an immature kid which sucks:P
gj on admin dude :slight_smile:

I kinda have a feeling you are talking about me xD.



i remember u back in V2 XD

yay :smiley: