Heyo eyo, guess who is back!

Lot of people know me from spamming chat as Erza Scarlet and i was away for i don’t even know how long, 4 months or more D:
Well i’m back on track and probably not for only a week or so c;
Good that nothing really changed:

  • Pun still loves me
  • Rofle still hates me
  • A68 still kills me ;-;

what about me. i still Love you :smiley:

Well that’s good to know ^.^

Good you’re back! We already had the pleasure :slight_smile:

I prefer not to state.
But you need some serious help.

Pun pls ;-;

mini war i see :smiley: also how do you make Photo’s come out like that?

[img’] photo [/img’] and remove the ’

:o You’re back?!
I look forward to talking with you again, it’s been too long

Carson ^^