Hey m8

This content is to you and to you alone… I’m Whistle, hope you could acknowledge me as an associate in DG

Hello and welcome Whistle!
I’m Uni. I am a helper here on DG, so if you need help, just ask.
Just beware, my computer is broken, and this replacement computer can’t run games.

'Kay Uni, expect some questions to come :wink:


Welcome, Whistle, have fun on Dark Gaming! If you need to know something about the server, do some research on the forums, or if too lazy for that, try to ask someone who looks like they know how to answer your question.

Thanks Victor.

Whistle, if you need anything be sure to ask one of the 3 helpers that are usually on every day. I hope you enjoy your stay in our server, and if you want to see some videos of it, subscribe to the DG channel on YouTube. Or my channel, Razorvenom.

Sure thing

“3 helper that are usually every day” yeah sure, Raz, I’m only online during weekend and Uni can’t even run Terraria :v
And idk about you…

Hey Captain obvious, I was talking about Phase :stuck_out_tongue: