Helpers and the new Badge system

A long time ago in a thread not so far away, the idea and implementation of the Helper was created. However, overtime the intent of the Helper “rank” and how it came to shape on the outside diverged. The Helper Rank originally was not meant to be conveyed as a Job or role, it was meant to be a reward and official recognition of a users effort to helping others on the server. In fact, this is what it is coming back to with a new system that is meant to create a more focused and clear view of both how to become a Staff Member and what the notion of a Helper is.

Let’s be clear first, a Badge is kind of like an achievement. It has some requirement and once you meet that requirement, you get the badge. Some profile or some place will be used to host these so that people can see what badges you have and who has what specific badges. You’ll also be able to see, if applicable, any progress towards a certain badge. Each badge will have a corresponding special Title (probably coloured) that you keep forever until your badge is taken away or you accidentally put it in the trash.

Helper Badges
With the new badge system, Helper Applications and that entire section of the forum will become obsolete. No more tiring over writing out an application and a poor staff member having to slave over both reading it and trying to assess them. This new system aims to reduce my most if not all staff members effort in giving people “Helper”.

Badge Progress here is important because it is the new Helper Application. Instead of applying for Helper and people commenting on a great or not so great app and how they never or always see you helping in-game, existing Helpers (yes you finally get some power) can reward non-Helpers (including Staff without the badge) with progress points towards the Helper badge. The idea here is that existing Helpers (who understand what it means to exercise effort to Help others and the attitude required to do so) can slowly but surely move a non-Helper towards their badge, eventually giving them their badge (by achieving the necessary progress) and granting them the same ability.

With the Badge system, Helper will no longer be a Rank or considered a Staff Role, you will only get stripped of your Helper badge if you abuse the progress points system. All existing Helpers at the time of the new system arrival will be given the badge manually.

Staff Roles and Assistants
For now, let’s only consider Moderator, and briefly Administrator, since the Staff Roles beyond Moderator are somewhat vague and not many people will be able to tell you exactly what they can do or their purpose compared to Moderator. Each Staff Role will have a corresponding badge, this means if you go from Moderator to Administrator, you will keep the Moderator badge and Title that comes with it.

Moderator will, in the new system, require you to have a Staff Assistant badge and one other badge. Right now, the only two explicitly stated to exist are Helper and Architect, but there might be others introduced before the system is in place. Successful reports will give you progress points towards your Staff Assistant badge, which, if you accept, will grant you the Staff Assistant powers.

In this new system, there will not be any form of applications. Simply, to take on power (except the Helper progress points) will require you to formally accept the corresponding badge (and its responsibility etc). This means I spend less time thinking about whether I should accept an application and whether someone should probably be considered for Staff Assistant, and more time getting the right people doing the right things.

Arrival Date
Currently with all the development going on, the badge system won’t be around soon. In-fact there is no given date right now, but the idea is in place and soon there will be more talks going forward. In the meantime, think this system over and provide some necessary discussion points.

" existing Helpers (yes you finally get some power) can reward non-Helpers (including Staff without the badge) with progress points towards the Helper badge."

Wouldn’t this be somewhat complicated since most of the helpers aren’t online ? [in my case because timezones]

How is that a problem? If someone else is helping while you are around, then you can reward them. If not, then someone else probably can.

Oh ok…

So basically to get Staff Assistant we need a number of successful reports? And hi Aug, I’m totally an inactive helper.

Aug, please accept helpers’ rewards… :>
You’ll sure get some, just saying.