Helper Applications And Training

Our system has worked for awhile up until now and has worked well, but with more people joining, and more people liking the server means more applications. A lot more. So, Popstarfreas and I have been discussing a new standard for Helper Applications. It’ll shorten the life of an application while making it go faster.

Instead of one week to accumulate 3 +1s, and then one week for training I am now going to do 2 weeks to accumulate 5 +1s , then 2 weeks for training. This new idea will not warrant my time and extensive activity as did the other one.

[quote=Popstarfreas]In order to provide some kind of time period for applications I think it should be a standard that Helper Applications are given a set time of life before they are closed. This is debateable for now.

Proposed standard:
An application will be given 1 week to accumulate at least +3 as a total of “+1”'s with a reason; after this week, the application’s title will be prefixed with [Pending] and testing will commence at random times thereafter. Within another 7 days of being prefixed with [Pending], the applicant will have then been tested and the application will be closed accordlingly. If a complication such as the person not being on at the time and so lack of testing arises, the applicant will be notified of said issue and the time peroid (publically posted on the application), will be extended an appropriate amount of time.

This proposes that most application should only live 2 weeks meaning those that apply are given no reason to worry or “bump” their application until after. It also means that such a process is less careless and provides a guidance for any future additions to those managing the applications. To make things easier, a new notification system can be made for applications that have reached the “testing” period. The given 7 days prior to testing ensures an applicant is able to familiarize themselves with staff and other members as well as increase the quality of their applications and gain enough responses to back/go against their “request”. During this time, no staff feedback is required.[/quote]

So, like Pop said after 1 week has passed, an application that has accumulated three +1s will be put with the title of [pending] and will have 1 week to be tested by me. When that is done, the application will either be accepted or denied upon if they had passed the training session. So like pop and I said, it’ll shorten the life of the applications and reduce the number of ones piling up. This will be put in to use effective immediately.

I also wanted to explain how training works for those of you who do not know:

[quote=Unarmedbox]So I had an idea I have already gone through with Rofl about it. A staff member will be assigned to a helper Application with the responsibility to go onto the server under another character maybe a guest or a member and ask questions about logging in or getting crew to see if our Apply’es are actually doing what they say they are.

This will be done 5 times over the course of 2-3 days and this will be the determining factor whether or not they will be accepted. You will then forward the score to Rofl. Any attempt to warn or help during this “Test” will discredit you or lead to a demotion.[/quote]

So, after you have been given the prefix [Pending] on your application, I will come on as an anonymous character and ask questions and different things to see if you are helping, and doing it properly. Like Box said it’ll help us know if the Applicants are doing what they say the’ll do when they reach helper. When you reach the prefix [Pending] I will then come on anonymously and ask you questions. I will do this 3-4 times during the seven days after pending.

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