Helper application, when?

Hello current and future applicants.

We are having some updates on the DTP lately, and some of you probably
aren’t understanding what are the “Must-Be” requirements.

  1. Any player who opens a application topic must be on the server for at least one week,
    doesn’t matters if Crew member or just a member and became a Crew just in the last day.

  2. You MUST BE a Crew Member if you want to rank up to Helper.
    Any applicant that will post the application before he/she became a Crew Member
    will automatically be denied, and the rule of 1 week between a denied/locked application
    will be operational on that case too.

  3. If you want to become a Helper, show it. We are looking for the people who are deserve the rank
    but not the ones who just want that rank in order to get to higher places without working for it.
    That’s not what it meant to be. Means, you help the players of the server if you want to become a helper,
    but we won’t promote people who request to be a helper without the needed format.

Any application that won’t pass the basic requirements ( Crew membership, activity of
1 week at least and goes on…) will be denied.

Recorded offenses - A player who was banned and decided to make an application will only be able to make one
in 2 weeks after he/she was released from the ban (According to the “unbanned” message on the ban appeal).
Format - A player who does not meet the format with having less answers than questions will be warned about that,
and if a change for good won’t be made (aka adding the answer to the knows question) in 3 days-The application will
be denied.
Spelling - Don’t worry about having bad spelling skills, we can help you with that and there are dozens of tools
on the web, too.