Helper app thing

I’m not surprised if this doesn’t get accepted.

Q1. What is your in-game name?

Q2. How often are you on the server? (Include timezones and exact times only, no generalisations)
I am on the server from about 10:00 in the morning to 12:00. I can also sometimes be on for 1 hour in the evening, from 8:30 or 9:00. My timezone is Central American, or Chicago time.

Q3. Why do you want to be a Helper?
I want to be a helper because I realize that people are asking questions every 10 seconds, and most of them are just plain unanswered. I feel like for Dark Gaming to have a good player base, people’s questions need to be answered as much as we can, or people won’t know the content of the server well, or maybe even quit because they can’t find what they’re looking for by themselves.

Q4. Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?
I will definitely prioritize answering questions and showing people around more than PvPing, Survival, Building, and even Zombies. Even if I was about to get a 100 killstreak on PvP, or was so close to getting past round 30 on zombies, I would stop focusing on the things I’m doing, and answer their questions. Even if I don’t know where an item is in a chest, to the point where I have to leave a round 30 zombies lobby to look for an item in a chest, I will do it.

Q5. Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?

I know that a lot of questions have to do with items, and since I have made almost 30 of my vast YemsLoadouts, looking through item chests to get the stuff I need, I know where half the important items are. But if I don’t know where other items are, I will either tell them the command, or leave what I’m doing to look for the item in a chest. Or maybe both. But there are obviously other questions, like people are asking why register doesn’t work, how do I get to this dimension, and I do visit the forums on a daily basis, so I can know what bugs people might encounter, what updates the DTP or server has, and I am a fast learner in general, so if new things come into the server, whether it be commands, items, whatever, I will get the hang of it.

Q6. Tell us about yourself?

I live in Texas, United States of America. (Although oh holy sandwich is it hot here…) Where I live, the air quality is pretty bad, so I go outside rarely, and when I do, I’m probably just thinking and planning what I should do on this server, how my routine should go for the day, etc., unless I have school. I mostly stay inside, I sometimes relax watching youtube videos about various things, and mostly play on this server.

My favorite subject is Cosmological Science, and my second favorite is World history, and my third is math. Most of the time on my phone, I just watch youtube about gaming (Terraria / Minecraft / Geometry dash (very rarely Geometry Dash though). When I don’t watch gaming, it’s probably any science like Biology, Astronomy, or Physics. And when I’m not watching either of those two, it’s something about World History. My favorite color is lime (green combined with yellow).

I LOVE zombies, and due to 1.4 making zombies not available for some time, I found my interests in Survival (Although looking back I now think survival is boring) and Building, and I’m not that good at survival, and I’m only good at terraining on build. (Seriously, I can’t even build a small house, yet I can do so much with my terraining powers.) I also know the basics of terrarian speedrunning. I can sometimes take things waaaaaay too seriously, but only when that’s vague or hard to understand. I also love cats, in fact my cat cuddles with me every night I go to sleep.


I +1 this, yems is just a cool dude. He helps out whenever he can, and he is almost always answering people’s questions when he’s not busy. Honestly, great guy, he’s very good and active.


Its a +1 from me. For the approximate three months I’ve interacted with yems, I find it enough to say that he has more than sufficient knowledge about the server to apply for this role. He has been consistently active on the server, has proven to be a cool and nice guy to be around, and as I mentioned, has the proper knowledge, and experience in varying subjects. Taking this into consideration, I feel that he deserves this opportunity to become something “more” to the server and its community. Good luck with your application, yems!


I haven’t really been online at the same time as yems. But during the times that I do see him online, he’s usually answering questions or chatting with people in build/pvp. And from what I know in general, he’s a pretty easygoing person. +1 :yum:

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Yems enjoys helping people by answering questions or by asking to help on a building project. I give yems a +1 for his outstanding role in the community and his friendly behavior

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Yems is a great player and a really nice guy - one of the nicest I’ve seen on this server. He’s constantly helping people out whenever he gets the opportunity and is dedicated to making the server better. +1 from me.

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Actually, I don’t think I can become a helper for now, because most of the time I should be online I’m coding a game, and I can’t really answer questions if I’m offline. Might make another app in like a month or two, once I’m done with my game, but I will still be workin on updates, so I will be online a bit less than before may. But I will still be answering questions if I can, whenever I’m online.


Based on what you mentioned before, if you didn’t mean for this to be closed, I can re-open your app. (Send PM)