Help please.

So basically my TS inventory reverted to how it was about 1-2 months ago, I lost many things including r11 and r10 titles/tags and colors, why did this happen and can it be fixed? Some strange text also appeared “”;s:10:“write_time”;s:10:“1440547161”;s:10:“expired_in”;i:157680000;s:12:“expired_time”;i:1598227161;}" and “a:4:{s:5:“value”;s:15020:”". Thank you for reading, have a good day.

if you move an item and refresh does it do anything?

At first it didn’t but after doing it a couple times it was fixed! Thank you Rofle! I can’t believe that’s all it took XD

I think somewhere might be using the old caching method or something. It had some extra information which in the new method is not saved, therefore it just comes up as text. Moving items in your inventory causes it to re-cache and voilà, you get an up-to-date inventory page.