Hello...I guess?

Well, hello. My name is wish. I script Roblox (because I can). I’m 15. And I come from Shadowrain…someone (not pointing at anyone) will know who I am.I also waste a lot of time on servers on Terraria.

Also I like FNAF and pokemon (a huge pokemon nerd).
And I waste like 50% of my time watching phase.

Welcome to DG!
I’ve seen you in-game and on Phase a bit already.
I hope you enjoy yourself here!

Why, welcome aboard :wink:
If you need any landlubbin’…
y’know where to find me.

Welcome, I used to play a lot of Shadow Rain, but they took down SSC, so I only get on Shadow Rain to talk with a few of my other friends who don’t play on DG

Well, welcome to DG! Hopefully you’ll have a good time during your stay here.