So hello,

My name is Nikola, Nicole (w.e.) and i’m a girl from Latvia. I’m a huge anime freak and let’s say more like a Fairy Tail’s Biggest Fan(My Nickname is My Fairy Tail Idol’s name and surname aswell as my Avatar is from it.)
I Don’t really like sharing my age or anything like that online, so please, don’t come @ me with such things.
Well, i love gaming. I Have played like 100, even much more games. I Started doing it when i was like 3 or something. i Just love computers~~

If you want to contact me: Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/nikolaa Tumblr - http://interuct.tumblr.com/

Uh, about my terraria life. So, um, I started playing terraria when it’s strongest sword was Night’s Edge and it didnt even have pets, it means several years ago…
My brother introduced me to it. I Really liked and still like building games and like furniture stuff, so i seriously started to love Terraria. I Never played on Multiplayer or anything, just did everything on the Single Player. I Didnt play it for like a year later, because i got bored. Some time went and a friend of mine asked me to play with him, so i did. Everything had changed. So many new items o.o But then i played it more and more and i played this server but awhile ago it got shut down. Now i decided that i want to play terraria more, so i chose this server and i think i will stay with it for some while, because i have school and everything, just like all of us ( well not really…).

Welcome to Dark Gaming, Nikola. I hope you enjoy your stay, I think we’re a good group of people, and I can tell you’ll fit right in. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about your age, there is not a single requirement for you to input your age anywhere, including on an application for a staff position.

If you have a steam account that owns the game that you can login to, you can go ahead and click on “DTP” to verify and link your game account to access and extended amount of features.

popstarfreas, Sadly, i don’t have the game on steam, so i guess i won’t get those features, huh.

Welcome to the Dark Gaming server Nicole!!
I hope I will be able to talk to you later and see you around.
Also would you care if I called you Nicky?

That’s a shame; however, for Members, the Trading System will have a restricted by accessible version in the near future, so if you’re still here you can try that out.

MrSandwich, Yeah sure and call me whatever you like (:

I now deem your name as Nicky!!!


Sandwich, you are scary :confused:
Welcome to the server Nicole, we got lots of members around, so the
server always has someone online, and we got some Helpers that are working around (you know what are they doing
from the name itself), so if you will have any questions in the future, be sure you got some help from the people here!

Am I being overly friendly? D;
Sorry nicky

Canadians aren’t overly friendly from what I’ve learned. I know that most Canadians will say a polite greetings when meeting someone but other than that…

Hi! Welcome to Dark-Gaming :slight_smile: Hope ya like it here, it’s a really great server :wink:

ah wonderbar a new person hello :slight_smile: im sammy hopefully you will like are community

(sigh) I remember when I was new… Um anyway, Hi Erza!!

Hi , welcome to the server! :smiley:

Heyo! I’m Elliott and it’s nice to know ya Nicky! I hope I see ya around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Better late than never, hello and welcome Nicole!