Hello I Have Sad News

Wapa Is My Brother He Passed Away Last Night Leaving Me With His Computer And Some Requests He Said He Wants To Say Thank You To Migle Who I Have Talked To A Person Called Tip Or Donuts He Wanted To Say Thank You To Aswell And 2 People Specially Is Legoman-Chenaly And Patrick-BoB And 1 Last Person Rofl Or Count Rofle Or Lucario

You Want To Know How He Passed It Was Beacause Of Cancer He Didnt Want To Tell You People But He Has Had It For 5 Months

I wish to inform you, all of the dark-gaming community, that Wapapapapow, a beloved player on the terraria server, passed away last night, following his post about being in a car accident. His brother asked me to inform you, on behalf of him, of his death. And we need to celebrate his life. R.I.P. Elliot A.K.A. Wapapapapow. Is What Migle Said

;; best whishes! ;;

I couldn’t stand and not doing anything, RIP Elliot.

Antasma and I were working on it half a hour to show the much respect as the site shows.

Well if this is true I would like to also say that he was a well known and overall awesome player in the community. “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” We will always remember you and the good things you have done in all of our lives.

D: Wapa wasn’t a friend of mine but it’s still sad to hear that he passed away…

Oh My Gosh Thanks For The Support My Little Brother Is Happy That People Are Recognising How Sad It Can Make People

I Am wapas older bro

im confused, is he dead now or not?

Sorry if im late i only just found this thread but R.I.P Elliot :frowning:

pun and me have created a graveyard, if you go up the elevator of the spawn there should be a floating island with his name on it

We should all make a special build on the server by spawn for a great remembrance.

Already done sir.

I know you made a grave punisher, but I think we all should make a special creation…other than what you made.

its not just a building, pun and me made it together, it looks really good, but you are right!

I read on the Shout out thing he said he died in a car crash…but now it’s “cancer”…?

i dont really trust him, we have created a graveyard. maybe he is fooling us! but who cares, as long as he has fun… im going to kill him if he is fooling us!

If it is true, then may he R.i.p, but it just sounds really off the path when he says “car crash” then it’s suddenly cancer.

he may rest in peace, but if he fools us he will be the least liked person on the server. “NEVER FOOL ABOUT THE DEATH!” this is a rule that nobody should break!

Indeed, Death of someone isn’t something a person should ever screw around with the loss of someone or something is beyond a joke.

I really hope that Wapa is fooling us

There Is No Point You Saying Your Gonna Kill My Brother If He Is Already Dead