Hello i am back

Hello my friends it has been a while i know i know only 4 months but i have missed all the new updates and stuff and etc so if u can tell a couple of the features and stuffs from the updates I will be on dg a lot more now

Welcome back! Don’t leave us never again :stuck_out_tongue:

Some changes to the PvP and the arena. Added kill streaks - you’ve already noticed them for sure :stuck_out_tongue: Safe spots near the beds. Four teleporters. One one-way passable wall. Ability to turn lights on and off. Less honey :frowning:

Added two new potion buffs; the Twilight Sparkling Wine and Apple Jack Daniels.

And soon, some dtp updates as well like the long awaited factions and skills. More fun to come.
Oh, and welcome back ofc!