Hello, Dark Gaming!

Hi! My in-game name is JesterMage123 and already I’m a big fan of this server. I made lots of new friends there and got to meet some of the staff, can’t wait to meet them all. I like that it gives you free items, custom commands, etc. This is possibly my new favorite server, so keep it up!

Welcome to the DG! I met you in-game and you seemed like a wonderful person :smiley:
I hope you continue to have fun!

Ahh, I recognize you from earlier, I went by Kami! See you around the server!

Welcome to DG boy!

Thanks, everyone! I hope that everyone gets to know me as a nice person and hopefully the same for you! :slight_smile:

Welcome to DG! I think I can saying speak for all of us when I say we hope that you enjoy your time here!

Welcome to Dark -Gaming!

I think that Dark-Gaming is an awesome and great sever to make new friends! :slight_smile:

Ya know, I’m trying to fix my Terraria right now and I’ve been waiting pretty long.