Grief by castiel

We first got warning of him when he broke a few blocks on kankuro’s house. It wasn’t a major deal until I got back and saw this

Please punish him as needed


Please tell me why a guy that’s not a stupid-ass brat would write his own name on a top of a building?

i saw that too and well, it has ur name written all over it dude! no one would just randomly do that unless they really hated ur guts…does anyone?

If you can give 1 viable proof that it was me, i myself won’t return, no need for banning :slight_smile:

well the staff could do a history check…hopefully they will

Hated who’s guts? Dude, i don’t even know who the owner of that castle is, i only saw this castle now, that i looked for it ‘-’

does anyone hate you? enough to do that?

yeah uhm I could get an admin to history it and I’m doing it right now


he grieved the blocks on top of Pete’s house and they STILL say that not grieving???!!! omigosh,that’s INSANE!!!


Ok, so topic closed? I didn’t grief and some kid framed me? Kay, bubye

wait… kankuro’s house was the one that you kind of broke…
maybe kankuro tried to frame you

no it was peter’s!

it was protected and then I saw you tearing it down,explain that btw I made my name on top of my house so people could know who’s house it was

ok both were but so was peter’s grieved. blocks on his house were broke and shaped differently so they said something else

that building… it’s Peter’s

yes,yes that’s what i’ve been trying to tell everyone but they don’t seem to wanna listen!

It’s Peter’s house.
Peter showed it to me because he wanted me to see his house and such but
(It’s just square with un-measured rooms) No Offence :T

yes, ppl listen to raiku! he very serious! it is Peter’s house! ppl often ignore me but i live in the same house as peter, i should know!

Yeah it is.

I don’t know your IGN.