Greetings everyone

So im not new at all but still have a lot to learn here.

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Grilled chorizo?
Sounds good,Be careful of not getting attacked by someone hungry

Anyway, Welcome to da forums! :praise:

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Hello my name’s KeiGu! I like Anything of Everything Science(Except math), Anime, and Video game related. Welcome and Hope we can be good comrades!

Welcome to the Forums! If you had to choose between a wand that can summon walls of ice and a wand that can summon walls of fire, which one would you choose? Why?

Lol. Thanks m8

Walls of ice over fire, cuz solid walls and frostburn. Also water its op

Ye sure, i also like science and “geek stuff” but not anime

Hello. I am Glasia the demon. Do you like demons? Are they cool beings for you?

hello, and welcome to the forums

btw i love eating chorizo irl, uhhh
awkward silence

Demons are cool so ur welcome

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Thanks sausage enjoyer

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