Greetings, everyone

Im a new player in the server i dont know what to do lmao


To start, get full perks by registering ingame using /register (password), then use /login (your password) once you’re done to login! Make sure your password is memorable or write it down somewhere (I did both), because you’ll need it every so often.
Once you’ve registered, go to and use your username and password to login. From there, earn dp by killing players in PvP, bosses in PvE, or beating rounds in zombies. You can use that dp to buy colors, tags, and titles to make your chats look better :]

you can also register for crew by pressing the crew button next to your chat view. From there, you can get crew by logging in with your steam account (don’t worry, it’s completely safe), or by voting for 40 days and paying the 2 credits you got from it.


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