I dont care if this is spam. I have lung cancer and I have a 10% chance of surviving I just want to say thanks to everyone that ive met along the server legoman tips dragonslayer thealeins thepunisher connor rolf and legoboy. I would like to say goodbye to you I cant speak in shout boxs for somereason so I will talk here after a week please delete this thread.

Uhh… I am so sorry man… You will be greatly missed… You are an awesome friend, and good bye…

Please post here I can talk in shout box

That’s so sad… I hope you get over it. Bye, will miss you.

Well done legoman on becomeing mod
Sas I wont see you in action
I will never forget your help

I am honored to be friends with you… I am just so sorry…

I will try to survive I am stayong in newyork hospital donr know were in I fainted in elngland and woke out of a coma 3 days later

Oh shit brb forgot to tell my gf

I wish you luck… I just really do not want you gone…

If I am alive in 3 day I will have a 50% chance of survival
A week after that 75% week after 90% then I will have enough money from cancer research uk to have medication and I will live

well I guess this is goodbye?:frowning:

Flamewarrior, I am extremely sorry for this happening. We all wish you luck. I am sorry I didn’t get to training you before this happened…

Thanks anyway bob

There is chance yoy will beable to trains me though dotate to canaer research uk and I will havw a 50 % chancr pf surviving

Guys you cant belive how happy I am in 2 hiurs I will be fine and have new lungs it has 10% chance of killing me but now I am so happy I will live I will be on in 2 -3 hours baii

Guys I am back and now ful healrh I had a oporation and am now fine
Rhanks for all your surrport and hope ro be on again soon please pm for a more detail explination



ata better I should be able to be on around 9 uk time if not 5 pm