The time I have had on this server will be one that I won’t forget for a long time. But due to recent issues with my School and other problems I have decided to leave the server. I will miss you all, this adventure I have had on this server will never be forgotten I hope this server propers and becomes the best in Terraria and beyond. This community is one of the best out there and I hope the server grows even more than it has in its future. If you wish to stay in contact with me my steam name is Knight_Robokill. I have known many of you for a long time (MrSandwich, Spooder, Seraph) You have taught me so much over these years especially Rofle he was a great example of why I stuck around as long as I did… Before I joined this server you could’ve easily seen me just as a random player but from what I saw from the first day I joined I thought “Man these people on this server are amazing! I may just stick around longer” and ever since that day I never regretted it. Well this will be my final message to some of you so goodbye.

Those that will be missed-
Lord Avery
and finally Summy

Best of luck,

(I may never come back so goodbye)

i cri evry teim
rest in spaghetti never forgetti
no really though, I hope you sort out all the issues going on in your life so we can see you around more later ;-;

Goodbye Knight, hope you come back one day, number one rule, try and come back…

RIP Knight ;-;
Dont you ever think about forgetting us or this server.
Hope you get through all your troubles with your school and other things all well and fine.

Goodbye Knight, I hope you figure life out ;-;

Goodbye Knight! Have a good time, mate. Hope we see each other one day again.

Latin - Venit tempus intermittere modis. Et revertentes suscipiat complexus.
English - The time has come to part ways. On the return, we will welcome you with open arms

May we meet again, brave knight. Now go, your chariot awaits.

It saddens me to see you go ;-;
Hopefully we meet again in the future.

Even though we never saw each other much, i’ll miss you. You were a good person throughout the times we saw each other. I hope you get your issues fixed out, and I also hope you’ll come back one day. I’m sure all of Dg that knew who you were would agree.

Goodbye Sir Knight, Goodluck with the issues and stuff…I hope you can get that over with so that you can comeback early…
You are to be missed as a friend and as a Cool Dude… Goodbye once again ;(

Goodbye Knight, you will be missed by all of DG…