Golf Gamemode

There is clear demand for more golf in this server. However, there are only a couple of courses in the Build dimension that I know of. That’s why I suggest a new gamemode within the gamemodes dimension specifically for golfing.

The golfing server will only be in one single world, like how existing ones IRL are in the same area. The reason why it will all be in one single world is so that other players in there can see the “[Player] has sunk the Golf Ball in X stroke(s)” status messages, similar to the ‘X has killed Y using Z’ messages in PvP.

Upon entering, you’re greeted with chests like those from the Items dimension, all filled with Golf equipment. You’ll be in a lobby area with teleporters that take you to various parts of the map. These teleporters are arranged by the theme/location.

Various courses will be playable and be placed close to the warps they’re best associated with. Existing golf courses in the Build dimension (like the one built by butter bread west of the WIP Survival spawn, or Cryptic Castle which is apparently also a golf course) will also be ported over and available in this world.

The kinds of courses in this golfing world will range from short & sweet, cool, or simple courses, to massive, difficult, or very mechanical/chain-reaction-heavy/Rube-Goldberg-type courses.

Maybe there might even be secret courses for the most skilled players and hidden places for explorers… :thinking:

This gamemode will probably take a while to create, and would probably require a lot of builders to contribute, so let it take all the time it would need for a good gamemode.

I am 100% in golf course


This conflicts with an existing plan for golf, which will follow similar to Zombies. In golf’s case the equivalent of a “map” in zombies will be a course of holes with a final score at the end. It will also be more controlled than the game’s default golf mechanics.


Oh, ok. Didn’t know there even was a plan for a golf minigame. I’m excited to see how that turns out…

Though there have been a few golf courses built in the Builds dimension over time. Will ideas from those courses be in the currently planned Golf mode maps?


To bootstrap it, people can submit what they have and those holes can be mashed into a “community” course so people can test out the mode.

Generally a course should be expected to have easier holes to begin with and harder holes nearer the end, with easier/harder being relative to the difficulty of the course. And each hole specifies a par value.