Glass Castle

Position: (3926,1503)

Builders: Sertastic

Unverified rating: Beginner

Ownership: I do not permit someone else to take over ownership of my map and for it to be processed and setup without me if I am inactive or unavailable. I permit unauthorised edits by administrators/managers.


I wish for the map, provided it gets approved, to be moved onto the surface Hallow biome while it is day.


I think the Zombies dimension is always night, correct me if I’m wrong.


welp no one corrected you, so you’re correct

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Can’t edit the post so I will reply here that the outer decoration is being updated, but the chests and such stay the same! Just extra layout and deco so the pic in the link might not be relevant to now. Will update later.

Before any map edits, you must correct your submission to follow the format; listing all of the information about the map on here, not a Google doc. @Sertastic