Glass Castle - Update 3

These should be some final changes in the map for now. Previous testing proved to work very positively for the melee class, ranged class remains the same balanced and isn’t overshadowed by all these melee buffs with the adjustments of ammo chests and first accessory chest, so they need no further changes, except for one to balance out the classes. Changes in third weapon chest for melee class so it is a relevant and viable option to pick.

First weapon chest


  • [NEW]: Added Zenith in first weapon chest at the price of 520000
  • Decreased damage of Zenith from 190 to 175
  • Decreased the price of Starlight from 360000 to 275000
  • Slightly decreased the Starlight’s knockback


  • [NEW]: Added Phantasm at the price of 460000
  • Decreased the price of Eventide’s from 360000 to 275000

Third weapon chest


  • Decreased price of Scourge of the Corruptor from 80000 to 50000
  • Increased damage of Scourge of the Corruptor to 50
  • Replaced Light Discs with Terra Blade
  • Terra Blade shoots First Fractal’s projectile instead
  • Decreased damage of Terra Blade to 85
  • Increased damage of Solar Eruption to 140


  • Added Jewel of Light in melee class
  • Added Ball O’ Fuse Wire in ranged class

If some damage adjustments turn out to be a bit too much or not satisfying, I will leave a reply here instead of making a new post about it.


What about update two? Update one to update three?


Update 2 was posted in the first update post, it was before this category was created. There was no need to report it.
Also added a pet in each class.


Oh, I forgot about that reply.
Yes pets good.


Apparently Rofle splited it in a post a bit ago so it works now.