Glasia Item Auction III: Wormhole potion perms


This auction will go from 2023-01-19T02:40:00Z to 2023-01-23T06:40:00Z

The starting minimum bid is 0.05 credits.

Rules of the auction

1. Preconditions

You need to be high enough XP level to trade and thus to place a bid here. If you don’t see the trading site on DTP, you cannot participate in this auction until you level up enough.

2. Currency type of the bids

Bids are here only to be made in credits, not DP. If you try to offer Credits and other things, only Credits are considered as valid

3. Valid numbers of credits

Valid numbers of credits for a bid are multiples of 0.05: 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, …
Bids like 0.013 credits are considered as invalid.

4. Respecting the minimum bid

If you set a bid below the most recent valid bid, it is invalid.

5. Affordability

Only bid what you can afford. It may increase as you can vote. Do not do this: You bid 2.30 Credits and when you win you say: In 40 days you will get the Credits.

6. Where to set bids

Bids are only to be set under this thread. Neither on discord or other media bids are accepted, only here under this thread.

7. Returns

There are no returns. Be sure you are 100% sure that you want the items you bid on. Also make sure you sent the trade correctly (correct amount of DP/Credits, correct items) if you are the highest bidder before the closure of this auction.

8. Incorrect trades

If you are sending an incorrect trade, such as trying to buy items not for sale or the auctioned item before winning, this trade will be denied and the trading cost will not be returned.

9. Winning the auction

If you are the one with the highest bid before this auction closes, you have won the auction. The winner will be pinged in a final reply to send the trade.

10. Errors in the DTP

If there are errors happening while sending the trade after you have won, let me know and provide the trade ID listed in the trading tab and if possible screenshots and screen records so I can send a bug report.
If the whole DTP has errors affecting trading, this auction will be paused until the errors are resolved and continued with the remaining duration when the error was known.

11. Posting own trades

Do not post your own trades as a reply here, rather do it in a new topic.

12. Behaviour

If you break frequently the auction rules or the DG rules this may be a reason for denying the bid.

13. Agreement

You agree to those rules if you send here a reply.

14. Questions

If you have any questions involving this auction, write them here as a reply.