Glasia Inventory Sale #11


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Prices - Colors, Tags, Titles

At cmds and vanity it depends on the item.

Sale rules

1. Preconditions

You need to be high enough XP level to trade. If you don’t see the trading site on DTP, you cannot participate in this sale until you level up enough.

2. Before sending the trade

If you want to purchase anything listed here, let me know via replying here, before you send the trade on DTP, so I can check it.

3. Sending the trade

You are the one initiating the trade, so you are responsible for the 50 DP trading cost. Exempts are extenuating circumstances, e. g. being blacklisted without having a VPN.
Not an extenuating circumstance is if you were banned for breaking the rules. Send the trade to the name Glasia.

4. Trading while being banned

If your ban does not involve DTP exploits you can still participate under the condition that you have sent a ban appeal here, so I can see the link when in doubt.

As in rule 3 explained, being banned if it is not a false ban is not an excuse for not being able to hold the trading cost because you can still get DP for the trading cost by:

  • Voting and trying to get metals which you can trash
  • Sending here trade offers to sell vote loot for DP.

5. Reserving

You may reserve items but you need to specify this when notifying me here. The reservation stays until another person wants the items and has the cost immediately available.

6. First come - first serve

The first person wanting the item, letting me know here and having the cost right at hand will get that item.

7. Returns

There are no returns. Be sure you are 100% sure that you want the items you plan to purchase. Also make sure you sent the trade correctly (correct amount of DP/Credits, correct items).

8. Incorrect trades

You are responsible for calculating the needed sum. If you are sending an incorrect trade, such as trying to buy items not for sale, this trade will be denied and the trading cost will not be returned.

9. Errors in the DTP

If there are errors happening with a trade, let me know and provide the trade ID listed in the trading tab and if possible screenshots and screen records so I can send a bug report.
If the whole DTP has errors affecting trading, this sale will be paused until the errors are resolved.

10. Colors previews

If you want to see how a color looks ingame, you may ask me for a screenshot of the color equipped in DTP with the chat preview.

11. Prices

The prices are set up that per item maximum 2 hours of PVE grinding for DP or 3 vote days for the credits is needed. Only if the items are of higher rarity, starting at about R7 or R8 depending on the item type the prices may be higher. Thus the prices are final. No bartering or negotiating.

12. Combining DP and Credits

You may pay mixed with credits and DP but for each item the whole cost must be given in either DP or Credits. Examples:

  • Allowed: you buy 3 items, costing 50 DP/0.05 Credits, 60 DP/0.05 Credits, 55 DP/0.05 Credits, and offer 110 DP for items 1 and 2 and 0.05 Credits for item 3
  • Forbidden: you buy 2 items, costing 90 DP/0.10 Credits and 80 DP/0.10 Credits, using 45 DP and 0.05 Credits for item 1 and 0.10 Credits for item 2

If you intend to mix DP and Credits like that, specify this in your reply with how you want to pay which item so I can check it.

13. Posting own trades

Do not post your own trades as a reply here, rather do it in a new topic.

14. Behaviour

If you break frequently the sale rules or the DG rules this may be a reason for denying a trade.

15. Agreement

You agree to those rules if you send here a reply.

16. Questions

If you have any questions involving this sale, write them here as a reply.


This sale has been closed. Some items carry over to the next sale, some do not.