Gifs Can No Longer Be Uploaded As as a Profile Header or User Card Background

Anytime I try uploading an Gif as a Profile Header or User Card Background, the file size gets reduced, and although the file remains a “Gif” in name, the resulting image displays 1 inert frame.

This is not a problem regarding file size, and I’ve tested numerous Gifs with files sizes as low as 1 KB up to 300 KB.

Until today, I’ve had a Gif Profile Header since July, and was the only other member who has a Gif as a Profile Header. He uploaded his in September.

I conjecture there has been a recent change which prevents Gifs from being uploaded as a Profile Header or a User Card Background. Is this true? and if not, why can I not upload Gifs for such use?

Before Upload (File Size: 82KB)

After Upload (File Size: 11 KB)


my profile header as a gif still works, but I also have the same issue that shows up when uploading a new header

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Do you remember when you uploaded that Gif?

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I set it in september

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I believe a Discourse update changed this. You’d have to find where they changed it to find out why.

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I checked the releases and I can’t seem to find anything related to this, so maybe it’s a bug

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Maybe related to this?

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Seems like they are discussing the exact same issue I was describing. Doesn’t seem like they have a solution yet.