(Geometry Dash level) SolySolyTale Devlog

This is a devlog for myself for a bossfight im recreating in Geometry Dash (inspired by undertale bossfights), called SolySolyTale.
As of the making of this post, I:

mapped out a movement system, and implemented the walls so they stop the player




Difficulty of the level? I might want to beat it if under medium demon…


im not really good with gauging difficulty cuz platformer is still new for me


Gl with this project, I’m working on a 2.2 level rn using the song Lost by Creo


I’m willing to play any level preferably under or equal Medium demon and non-plataformer (no practice with plataformer). If anyone finishes a level you can message me to beat it or even verify it.


honestly getting the main mechanics will be the hardest part

on another note


Oh wow, Undertale in GD.
I wonder if it would be easier learning how to code and make it ;-;
Great job!


ok ive decided to abandon that idea simply because its super annoying to code with gd’s stupidity and its limitations. it would also take too long, so imma try to compromise and only make an undertale themed fight (the movement system stays). i waste time alot so this will help.

dont worry it will still be very code intensive, but not as much, the attacks should now be the hardest part of this level (along with balancing, sprite making, title screen making, some other code, writing the credits, etc)


Is it hard ?
to do.


idk but considering i dont have much experience on platformer (aside from skills i already have from gaming in general, and some gd skills(?)) im aiming for it to be insane demon, i like that difficulty


some test attacks

im also trying to code in blue/orange attacks, which is really hard. The main problem is that you can hold two opposite directions to not move. but its hard to detect that. so im just going to find every edge case. im grouping them by how many buttons you are pressing (there are four directional buttons, up, down, left, and right. therefore, im going to put these in four categories). a simplified version of what im doing can be found below:

If only one button is pressed, then you are moving

If two buttons are pressed, then you are either moving or not movnig. for this, i only need to check if the two buttons being pressed are opposite. so holding two vertical directional keys (Up+down) or horizontal keys (left+right) means you are still, but holding 1 vertical key and 1 horizontal key means you are moving. This one is really the only hard one to code in as if you are pressing two buttons, you are either moving or not moving. there isnt a guarantee like with the other 3 cases

If three buttons are pressed, then you are moving. this is because since there are only four directional inputs, at least 2 of them cancel out, leaving one button which is moving the player. This in a way puts this category under the only one button category. interestingly enough (this wont affect anything), holding both vertical buttons disallows you to move left or right

you are not able to press four buttons at once without multiple keyboards, something i wont need to consider as most people dont have multiple (i do because i use a wired keyboard with my laptop, but its a really niche case scenario. it doesnt matter anyways, as there is only one combination of four keys being pressed, which is well, them being all pressed, meaning the horizontals cancel each other out and same with the verticals. I could deal with this if i want.


okay ive decided to move onto another level. the idea for it came in a dream. i may come back to this level. heres a screenshot so you guys know im cooking

quite a few have asked for the logistics of this level, so as soon as im done the letter recognition features, im going to write the method here. (im not making a new post because its gonna be a miracle if i even return to the old level)

actually if im abandoning SolySolyTale, i might as well post it (i spent the last few days editing the battle sprites before switching to this project)


image of the characters (if i revisit this i most likely wont keep the face on N’s staffaw

im too tried to post a video especially because its too big apparently, but the id is 103509830

random images of stuff

if any of you guys have been following me you may know how i made the letter writing system. im completely overhauling. the main changes is that it works more like the Android phone lock combination
this is a big inspiration for my level. it doesnt work exactly like that, but its decently close.

the idea is that you drag to make letters. due to the fact that im making it work like this, i must add the 22.5’ sloped lines. this changes the amount of lines to 20 to 28. this is a really big change in terms of the numbers, as 2^20 is only 1,048,576, meaning there were only 1,048,576 combinations you could make. now, there are 2^28 combinations you can make, or DAMN 268,435,456. thats way bigger and will make the amounf of combinations ill have to make increase by a lot


ive finished it. now i only need to code in every combination before the main premise of this level is finished. ill do an indepth ish explanation when i finish implementing all the letter combinations.


its been a while, so ill post an update. ive been procrastinating on doing stuff so ill just drop something quickly here

This table is what spawns the lines.

this can be changed to be a table. So basically as a quick explanation

this is the grid you write the letters on. attached is a video of this in action
(note that im not done all the letters yet)

im going to finish wriitng this tomorrow, cya. my birthday was also todayish ^v^

So in essence, there are nine Bits. think of them as switches that can either be on or off. when you activate one switch, it does nothing. when you activate the second switch, it connects a line from the first switch you hit to the second one. for example, if i hit switch 2, and then hit switch 9, it will activate the triggers that correspond to the line that connects 2 and 9. these triggers can be found on the graph above, at the location 9,2. another example: if i hit switch 5, then hit switch one, it would activate the triggers at 1,5. this makes some interesting patterns, including

  • there is an empty diagonal, because you cant hit the same node twice.
  • all the lines that connect 2 corner nodes have extra triggers. thats because they activate 2 lines. for example, 1,3 is just a combination of the lines 1,2 and 2,3 so it just activates them both. these are also present at certain areas too, like a reverse diagonal of them appearing from 9,1 to 1,9 , and it appearing at spots for diagonals like 7,3.
    • extra note that this doesnt happen for when one of the points you touch is the number five one. if you notice, the diagonal of doubled up triggers is under the diagonal of empty, this is because 5 is in the middle and as such is always exactly one line away from each other point
  • the triggers on the other side of the empty diagonal are mirrored versions of the normal side. for example, the triggers that correspond for 3,5 are the same as the ones that correspond to 5,3

im currently busy with adding all the letters. ive finished from A to F