Gauntlet Tournament.

As most of you on the server know I have created a sort of trials combined together into a kind of gauntlet. If you haven’t seen it you can participate by being at least CREW and walking into the black and white warp plate at the spawn or by typing /warp gauntlet.

I will be holding a Tournament starting on Monday October 13 and it will run until Friday October 17.


  • All Sign rules must be followed to the T, any deviation (I will be Watching) will result in an instant disqualification!
  • You must Ask that Either I (Unarmedbox) or Rofle(Popstarfreas) to watch your attempt in the Gauntlet where we will time you.
  • You get 3 attempts throughout the week to get the best time you can.
  • All attempts and times will be recorded in this post.
  • There will be a maximum time limit of 10 Minutes, if you go over it you’re done.
  • You may practice however much you want without us watching you, but if you are trying to distract others while they are being tested you will be reprimanded and possibly lose some attempts or be disqualified.
  • Do not expect to have all your tests attempted at once we aren’t robots.

Prizes: (A couple of these are unobtainable through the public and can only be awarded by us)

  • First place will award a Special upgrade within your inventory meaning you can equip two commands such as: /buildmode and /buff, as well as 2 Inventory upgrades allowing you to carry more items in your trading Inventory.
  • Second place will award you with 1 Inventory Upgrade.
  • Third place will award you with a random R4-R6 Item.

Please post whether or not you will be participating and I will list you name under the competitors list. Good luck.



Practice mode: Activated!




I thought it was 15 Minutes? lol


I’ll be competing.

Furthermore, Box will confirm this if you doubt it, but I have been authorized to watch you take your official test for the First Gauntlet.


I done this without watching but i have problem in #4 trial in green at “top” where i must go through two blocks.But,it’s easy :smiley: