Gamma isa back!!! <3!

Hello guys it is Gam Imma back feeling fresher than ever (just took a shower) XD so anyhow i am back on dg for a while I have been so busy with school crap (just farted while typing this) Well so as I was saying I am back on dg!!!

BTW who likes my profile picture
PS bai all people who are going to be inactive on dg

And I will probably be on everyday at like 4:30-5:00 (Eastern usa time)
Cya guys on dah server!!! BAI!

Welcome back!
I’m looking forward to see you on the server :slight_smile:

im coming today and making a holiday special

actaully this server isnt running 1.3 im not coming on any more until it updates…

Well you can always say hi on port 7778. Or you just wait until TShock is updated and Main is updated.

:l ok XD

hey Gamma :smiley: nice to see you again. hope you’re well!!!

Yas im well i just had to do too much school crapz…