Gamemode Suggestion: Item Craze

Two teams of 8 compete against each other to gather 9 listed items faster than the other team.

The two teams would be put on a randomly generated medium world and compete to see which team can complete the item list first. (the item list would only include, armor, weapons, blocks, and accessories that are achievable pre-boss)

Each team would have their own “base” (accessible by using the teleporter) to where they can redeem the items (by placing them in one of the corresponding slots of the 3x3 grid of item frames).
Every item redeemed will reward 1 point, and when all 9 item frames are filled in, that team will win.
(Both teams will be given the same list to complete)

All bosses, boss summons and ways of spawning bosses would be banned.
Bringing bosses into the mix would be too problematic due to the griefing potential they have. Yes, you are meant to sabotage the other team but, bosses are just too much.

List of banned items to prevent spawn griefing:
Boulders, Lava, Obsidian, Ebonstone/alt, Geyser, Explosives

So like a UHC bingo sort of thing? Pretty unique idea. Although I think the grid should increase with players.


A - would the items be same for both teams
B - some items seem too hard to get (Bone Key) or are too rare to get (Slime Staff) and some items might just not be in the world, like maybe no starfuries spawned (theoretical)
C - What if there is only one item left in the world? like there is only one starfury in the world?

(the simplest solution for items not being plentiful is to make a check for there to be more then 1 item in the world to allow it to be an option)

(also what happens if after the game starts, someone purpousefully removes all of one type of item? is the game softlocked?)

I really like this idea


This was already answered.

Bonekey would probably not be included in the item list, although I’m not sure about slime staff. The item list would probably be defined by durtle or rofle, as they are the ones who implement the gamemode.

Then the item would be exiled from the list. If a check can be made pregame to see if there are at least 2 of any item on the map, then that item will be eligible to be in the list.

I think the item should be blocked if atleast 1 team member has 1 of said item. (this has a lot of loopholes such as chests and such but I’m sure rofle will figure out a way to implement it in a way that you can’t do this).


since the dungeon guardian is not a boss (for MANY reasons), it will always be included unless specifically excluded


What about fishing to get sky crates


I feel like the primary problem with this is simply the fact that there was no time limit mentioned, only the winning goal of getting 9 points(or all items required).

It could take, quite frankly, hours to get all of the items depending on what you get. That doesn’t exactly work well when the server already has to limit the amount of lobbies it can use due to server limitations. It also doesn’t work well when most people probably aren’t going to have the time or patience to sit down for that long. If even one person from a team leaves, it’s basically over unless the other team is clueless/the 7 player team was already ahead.

I also don’t think this gamemode would actually attract 16 people per lobby beyond the initial release of it. Some sort of scaling is probably necessary, as teams of four trying to get 9 items is only going to take even longer.

If multiple lobbies end up being created with lower numbers of players however, it would basically end up soft-locking other gamemodes due to how long it would take those lobbies to be finished.

Basically, I don’t see a clear way to make this work as well as anyone would probably like it to with the introduction of server resources, terraria in general, and the people using terraria servers.


is it smth like bingo?
anyways i like vanilla survival so take my vote
(also there can be mode without teams)