GalRob’s Helper Application

Q1. What is your in-game name?

Q2. How often are you on the server?(Include timezones and exact times only; no generalisations)
Times are listed in PST e.g. California, Oregon, Washington

Weekends 2 PM to 5 PM, 7 PM to 9 PM
Weekdays 8 PM to 10 PM
(This hopes to include the future, but I’m currently much more active than the times listed)

I’m open to filling in times need be if other mods aren’t there.

Q3. Why do you want to be a Helper?
I haven’t played on any other server than this, so looking to commit long term. Plus I’ve gotten to PvP and play Zombies with a lot of people on DG.

When I first came in, I was on my journey character called Rob and couldn’t log in to anything. Nobody helped me when I kept asking why I couldn’t go anywhere. I don’t want to be in that situation again, along with not knowing how to play zombies and learning everything from scratch. I already answer a lot of zombies questions in game, and having some kind of designation of a role to help would be nice. I try and already tell people to get an ability and to come together for max hp since I always almost always fill the shaman role.

I’m open to learning more about DG and helping out with people’s struggles. Being a new member from scratch and learning from the community who has taught me a ton (still learning of course) makes me want to be a helper to those who are new to DG. I’m not perfect and am not totally mature (but if everyone was then it would be boring), and I still am asking for duels and such because I want to get better at PvP. I hope to contribute to answering questions about zombies and PvP regardless of how this application goes.

Finally, face it, I think the mods and developers are overworked and already place a lot of time into the game, but also have life commitments. Having a helping hand who’s open to helping people, putting the time into the server, and is decently knowledgable at the game can’t hurt. I’ve been on this server for perhaps a month or so, and having active helpers would be helpful for everyone. I’m not asking for moderator or any other position of power. I’m asking for a designation to help people.
Q4. Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?
Yea, I’m open to anything. I’m willing to be more active on the forums and answer more questions in game. I’m pretty active on the DG discord which I’m available to help people.

Q5. Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?
I can answer almost any question about zombies, to my belief, and much about PvP - though I’m not very good right now :frowning:.

For zombies,

  • I know all the basic commands in zombies such as /ability, /lobby ts, ,/ahelp, /lobby upall, /shelp etc. and even made the suggestion to fix /help so that zombies people actually can get started learning.
  • I know there’s 25% cost increase for abilities besides the 75% for sentry. I know there’s the mutant melee class in Cosmic Collapse and the Faith class on Winter’s Howl, which not a lot of people know about sadly.
  • I’ve gotten to round 16 on almost all the hard zombies maps including round 17 on Shadow’s descent.
  • I’ve almost solo’d The Ascension from round 1 to round 16 no op abilities like vampirism.
    -I’m pretty well known in the zombies community, and have only basically played with public lobbies (besides a few times with madeira and thelorde).
  • I know almost all the progressions for all the classes on every map and especially the overpowered progressions such as summoner on Cryptic Castle, Lunar Mineshafts, and Mystic Library, the two most popular maps.
  • I know all the map terrains and where they actually are on the DG world.
  • I’ve seen all the bugs such as the mana cap bug and round 16 stardust worm bugs.
  • In my opinion, I haven’t seen anyone play zombies as much as I have in the past month that I’ve been here.
  • I transfer points to people when they die usually because it helps their progression and keep them in game
  • I don’t know any other better zombies player and anyone as active as I am on zombies

For PvP, I’m still learning and playing meta items. I’m not amazing at it, but I believe I have sufficient knowledge to answer most basic questions such as private arena warps, damage of meta items, and some basic pvp movement (not good at them) such as slime rocketing, cart dashing, reverse cart dashing, etc.

Q6. Tell us about yourself?
Actually a guy despite the name because I tried logging into DG with a character called Rob, but rejected me because it was journey.

3rd year university student majoring in CS and math from the bay area going to UC Berkeley - I can help develop the servers if that’s wanted. Interning at Amazon next summer. Played a lot of Valorant (Diamond), League (Diamond), Town of Salem (Master), Teamfight Tactics (hit challenger top 25), and so many more games, but decided to start Terraria again. Terraria has been my go to game and especially the DG server (haven’t even started exploring an offline world). Hoping to make a zombies map in the future. Like hiking, snowboarding, and eating ramen (not instant type).


You’re a bit new, but you seem like you’re putting a good effort on this and that you have some knowledge.


From what I’ve seen, you’re a fun and friendly person and it’d be nice to see people like you help out more. Like what beetle said, you’re very knowledgeable so helping would come easy to you. The effort you put in the application shows you’re very motivated to push towards becoming a helper. Have a 1+


Thanks a ton suplerbz, let’s duel some time again :smiley:


Thanks beetle, much appreciated :slight_smile: Can load the forums but not the PvP server xD. Let’s duel some more :slight_smile:


You’re enthusiastic about the server, you’ve definitely been active, and it seems as if you have time to spare. However, you probably want to learn more about the server. You do seem to have sufficient knowledge about the server, but you probably want to learn about all the dimensions of the server and more about the inner-workings of how Zombies works. Nevertheless, it seems as if you have the time and capability to learn more and become a great helper.

Also, it’s great that you know CS, because as you’ve said, there is definitely a demand for more developers.

On another note, I have not seen you help players in-game often. Additionally, I don’t believe you need to necessarily be in any position of power to help players. From experience, there aren’t too many cases where the issue at hand requires the attention of a moderator. In-fact, as a moderator, you probably will have to audit for hackers and deal with ban reports more than you help other players.

Personally, I think you’re too new to become a Helper, but you definitely have the qualifications.



You are new to the community, but you seem to put effort into helping out where you can and are very active


Thanks a ton FAdadadada! I’ll definitely take into consideration your words and try to help more people that is within my knowledge.


TheLorde, the beast thanks a ton :smiley:


GalRob is an active member of the DG community. He is fairly new, but he has proven to me that he can quickly catch on. Every time I see him he is helping people and playing PvP or playing Zombies. He is fun to play with and I believe he’d make a good helper.


haha thanks a ton yems - the cryptic castle god. lets keep playin zombies


Withdrawing this app. Thank you to everyone who supported this. Please delete the post.

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