Fungal Fields overview

Fungal Fields

Fungal Fields is a large map of mediocre diffuculty with a lot of free space and modified items.
There is a total of two classes and 3 weapon chests, 4 ammo chests, 2 accessory chests, 1 HP chest, 1 mana chest and 1 armor chest.
All abilities work well on this map, however, Telekinesis, Shaman and Dual Wield exceed on this map.
Rounds usually take very long because of the maps sheer size and the high amount of mobs.


Mushroom Monarch

The Mushroom Monarch is an offensive melee class that can fend off enemies with swords, spears and yoyos, it is provided with a decent amount of defense and is able to buy hp for a fairly cheap price.
It is viable in a lot of situations as most weapons have a lot of versatility.
Where: At spawn.
Starter items: Zenith, Platinum Crown, Jim’s Breastplate, Jim’s Leggings, Otherworldly Music Box (Mushrooms).


The Mushroomancer is a mage class with good crowd controlling capabilities that can kill mobs with a large variety of weapons, these include Tomes and Staves.
This class gets decent defense and buffs, it can also buy mana for a very cheap price.
Its hp is slightly more expensive than the one of the Mushroom Monarch.
Where: At spawn.
Starter items: Nightglow, Mushroom Hat, Lunar Cultist Robe, Otherworldly Music Box (Mushrooms), Yoraiz0r’s Scowl.

Chest locations

The weapon chests are located in the cabin, to the left of the pond and in a cave above the cabin.
The ammo chests are located at spawn and in a cave above spawn.
The armor chest is located in a large cave to the right of spawn.
The accessory chests are on a plain above spawn and inside the wooden cabin near the pond.
HP and Mana chest are located inside the ancient tubes that can be found behind the cave with the pond.