Free Player Statues

Ok, so I’ve run into a bit of a problem… I’ve ran out of pixel art to make! So I’ve decided to make a few people’s in-game characters.

But Avery, how do I get mine made?
Well Avery, all you need to do is take a picture of you in-game character standing still, or on a mount, with a gemspark background or a sky background. Then put the picture below, or send me it via steam.

example (edited down)

Don’t complain about how long it takes to be done-I am very lazy
Character must not have any animated dyes (grim, living ocean etc.)

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day

PS: If you have the inferno buff I will murder you.

Use my builder loadout for blocks, Avery :^) best blocks for pixelart. op

Can you make one of me plz?

Will do, mate.

Okay, I’m going to start working on them now.
Current projects: Alien24, Eonzz, Roozah.

Alien has 32 shades of gray in his skin alone.
Going to go cry now.

Alien, with the complexity of your character, it’s going to take me a couple tries to get it right.


And Alien has so many impossible-to-get-colors in his vanity ;=;
I finished Alien’s. It actually looks pretty good. I might try and make it look better later.

I went to look at it, and it looks very good, nice job on it!

I’ll be making the next two very soon, I got distracted making this:

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Make one of my profile pic?