FPS Increase

So, with the release of the 1.3 update, the requirements to run Terraria have increased dramatically. I used to run around 45-60 fps on DG. Now I run around 10-30 with a lowered res. This affects my PvP game severely. I’m sure I’m not the only one who suffers from a lowered fps since the update. This thread was made as a means to increase fps in spawn. Specifically for the PvP side of things, since that is one of the areas where FPS matters the most in Terraria. An idea would be to change the walls to something that has less detail like an offline gemspark, or to just remove the walls completely. (There’s a way to make the background the sky even when underground, it was shown in the PvP arena on a different server. More detail will be given if you ask me privately.) All that aside though, how has the rest of the community increased their fps?

I’m pretty sure it’s mostly due to the amount of players. For every player, there needs to be things like collision detection, acceleration, checks on armor, dyes and so on. For me, I go from Main to Mirror and the fps is great.

I did experience lower FPS since 1.3 has been released. But it’s not only due to increased system requirements. I use really old HDD that slows my whole computer. Need to reinstall my OS on a newer disk.

As for the Spawn, I did clearly notice that the more players, the slower my game runs. At the moment of writing, there’s 16 players online and my game runs at around 50 FPS. It would be great if it’s always so.

Maybe if we remove the walls FPS would be higher, but how much?

Personally setting High priority for Terraria process makes the game run faster by a noticeable amount.

I currently get around 20 fps with 19 players on the mirror. Setting priority to high boosts the fps by around 5. It’s not quite enough to make a difference yet. removal of the disc walls in the pvp area would probably increase my fps by around 10-25, as that’s the fps difference when I stand in space with no walls around

mine: 49-50 players= 39-32 FPS
30-40 players= 47-51 FPS
20 below= just as fast as mirror
60 players= 19-25 FPS