Forget server password

Am I doomed? Can a mod reset my pass?

What is your in-game name?


You’re not the OP? But you have the same issue as them?


Can I reset my password? I forgot it

There are a few cases to be aware of:

I don’t know my password and need it for the Trading System
If this is the case then you need to PM me (go to my profile) about changing it, including what the username is and when you registered it.

I don’t know my password to login in-game
If you attempt to register a new name and it tells you to login to one you already registered, simply “/rename” yourself (At the Rift) and you can login without a password.

I don’t know my password but registering doesn’t warn me about an old account
If this is the case, then you can simply register whatever name you’re using.

When I renamed, I wrote that the name of a lot of Caps lock, and I can not log on to the server

That’s unfortunate. Might be worth using some editor to change your name back like just be wary of using it to modify your character in a way that the game does not allow, in which case you will be breaking rules.

How do I start a thread?

Go down and select a section, then it’s a button towards the top that says “Create Thread”

(Using the Terraria Server Suggestions section as an example.