Flying Dragon buff and Hearty Slash nerf

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
Flying Dragon and its projectile.

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]
Buff the damage of Flying Dragon but reduce damage multiplier of the projectile.

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
Luring people into the blade is almost useless atm and it can be hard to pull off.

[Anything else you would like to note]
A bunch of other people proposed this change on discord.

I don’t like this idea. FD is supposed to be primarily a wallpierce weapon; if you want to kill someone with true melee you can do it by swapping to a different weapon. If luring people into the blade is useless, why are you trying to do it instead of using FD for its intended purpose?


I do intend to mainly use it for its intended purpose, I mainly suggested to make the blade more rewarding while the projectile deals about the same amount of damage it dealt before.


Use a different sword.