FeliXmas told me on discord that a user spreads in DMs fake screenshots of me breaking rules

Character Name of Offender

The ID of the sender is 1053017076094210078. name popping fries under stars#0335

Dimension(s) of offences

Rule(s) broken
Community S0#4

Evidence of offence(s)

So if you enter the F… felixmas text exactly as in the 1st screenshot in phase it says no results

Approximate date & time of offence in UTC
Dec 15, 6-8 PM UTC

Currently online


It’s probably some alt of someone who you made mad by reporting them or something
This honestly sucks, hope it comes out alright in the end


To be honest, I don’t think it’s always a shinden alt. It could be someone else and is just using that as a cover. But definitely, it’s someone who is(was) in PvP Lounge who has nothing better to do in life. Because I do remember someone in lounge who sent edited images like that, of you “breaking rules”. Though I don’t remember who specifically.

Anyhow, just sharin’ :xaa:


Why won’t they stop doing these nasty things?


Way before you were here, a lot of people, mostly the the dudes in lounge, hated Glasia’s guts. They were complaining(whining actually, I was there when they did kek) a lot in lounge in hidden. Sometimes it’s targeting Glasia, sometimes it’s targeting Rofle. Because of the bans and reports made.

@twofoursixeight And hey, I’m pretty sure you’re also getting some weird messages or rude callouts these days by random people you don’t know, eh?


One message request:


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