Farming With Sentries (Rapid)

Farming Using Nade and Bank Sentries in Rapid

At this point it’s safe to say that Nade and Bank Sentries, with the right layout, are OP. Why? Well just about everything you’d ever want:

  • Infinite Score
  • No Diabolists
  • No Stardust Weavers
  • Godmode but Without a Modified Client (for a little bit at least)

Nade Sentries

Nade Sentries at T2 give a ton of score. First an AoE bomb that does a miniscule amount of damage can recieve score from a whole group at once. The bomb will then explode into little shrapnel that each do more AoE low damage and give even more score. Nades are the ultimate point farming sentry.

Bank Sentries

Bank Sentries are amazing, not because they give interest every round, but instead because of the Score Lag they cause. Every score made forces the game to stop whatever it is doing and give the players the right amount of score. So when you have literally thousands of them being given at a single second, it really starts to add up. Now get a hundred banks, and you can see where this is going.

Prolonging Death

This method only works in rapid, because that’s the only mode where you will get a two hundred mobs piled up in one place. But the basic idea is to have a hundred nades, and a hundred banks. The sheer amount of score, mobs, and damage thrown around will slow your game your game so hard that your client will lag back behind the server. Because you will never die the whole time this is happening, the game will just keep on going normally even if you are actually getting swarmed by a thousand mobs and should already be dead.

Preventing Spawning

The basic idea to prevent mob spawning is to reach the max NPC limit. That’s basically it. If you are still seeing gigazappers in round 15, then you are on the right track. If 190 NPC slots are occupied for example, then when round 16 begins, 10 armored skeletons will spawn, but since there are no more slots available, no Diabolists or Stardust Weavers will ever spawn.


ive been using god powers and its virtually the same yems


Ya can’t use god powers in rapid…
Plus that’s not godmode, it’s just very very very high health


even if you TRY to die, it takes a long time, good thing /stop exists

wait are you using private lobbies for the farming??


fun fact: snow ruins was barely playable in rounds 15+ even with god powers


Dude… I literally just said “Ya can’t use god powers in rapid”, surely thats enough to paint a nice picture


Wait… I can use god powers in a private game?


i believe its only for map builder lobbies to test the



I think you’re supposed to be able to in a private lobby