Factions Idea

Updated 12/9/2016
You can make a faction/guild/clan by yourself or with friends. By default, whoever has the most faction points (rename pls) or most votes by members gets to be the faction leader. By being leader, you get to kick members out (except yourself), decide who joins or not, invite people, and more.

=Gameplay Mechanics=

Factions World Map:
The arena is an untouched (maybe not too much) medium/large world. Building is allowed, since bases are a core feature. Griefing is enabled. Maps are reset every month or so depending on world size, giving everyone a chance at playing. If the whole faction isn’t in the game, the faction base is protected for fair play. When it’s almost time to reset the map, everytime you go to factions, it will give you a message that says “Factions will be reset in (number of days)!”. Once the count down reaches zero, the server puts everyone in a different dimension and when it finishes with the new map, it announces in the in-game chat.

Custom Levels:
You gain EXP every time you kill an opposing faction member or if your faction destroys another faction’s base. Destroying bases provide far more EXP than killing players, plus the amount of EXP you gain from your faction depends on how much you contributed

Uses the same rules, weapons, and accessories from PvP. Flasks are banned (aside from the party flask, cus idk why not)


Usable by everyone:
/factions - Warp to the Factions gamemode
/leavefaction - there will be a confirmation prompt, as to not accidentally leave your faction. If a leader leaves a faction, all members will be notified

Leader (Can also use member commands):
/warpfactions (base/member name) - quickly warp to base/a member of the faction
/invitefactions (player name) - Send an invite
/lockdown - Locks the base from being entered by anyone except the members for a few hours/days. Has a cool down
/entrust (member name) - Let a member of the faction be able to use the leaders-only commands. A confirmation prompt is always used to prevent accidents. Cannot be used by the entrusted
/reprehend (member name) - Removes the entrusted title, use this command if you accidentally entrusted the wrong person. Doesn’t have an effect on non-entrusted members. Cannot be used by the entrusted

/rankup - Levels you up in the factions custom levels system. Every 3 levels will earn you a special title, tag, color, or loot box depending on how high your faction’s rank is
/setbase - Works like an area protection plug-in (?). Uses EXP from the levels system. The command’s effects will be removed once all the blocks inside it are removed (walls not included). There is also a limit on the size of the base which depends on the size of the faction.
/removebase - Works like an area protection plug-in (?). Used to remove unwanted base areas

/changeleader - A vote to change the leader when he/she isn’t doing their job right. /changeleader will be in effect when enough votes are in place. The number of votes needed for the command to take effect depends on the faction’s size. Can also be used when leader is not in-game
/voteleader (player name) - Can only be used when leader steps down or there were enough votes for /changeleader

=Idea Credit: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/faction-abilities.1903 =
(Thanks Rofle!)

Ok, lemme talk about this real quick, nice idea, I like it. Though, there is one thing I wish to suggest, like a reset in a matter of DAYS? I would think longer than that, somewhere like a month or a couple weeks. Otherwise, this is an idea I want to see in the server with its own dimension, I can get Avery to have a Bakon Clan there.

Maps will be reset in a month or more but when it’s almost time to change maps, the server will notify everyone. I simply put too much thought in the warning system i think (lol). Thanks for taking the time to read this though!