EWOW (TWOW 2), with Dark Gaming

BIG NEWS- CaryKH (someone you guys prob dont know) is starting EWOW
im going to sign you guys all in spiritually with me

My username, and my EWOW subtitle

now for the BIG question: what should the prompt be?

What did Ten say when he was upgraded to Eleven?



“i will avenge nine”

im not good at this but i hope solysisdarkgaming will win


thats a good one. the other one we got (from the Discord) was “this 'ought to eleveniate some things” (made by Helfire). i think ill stick with helfires one, cuz it has the eleven/eleviate pun. thx for the contribution Cawwie :]


new prompt just dropped

also im not sure how but i forgot to make this one eleven words. we need to make this one eleven words

Now? Aint the answer obvious? Clearly its the Apple “Water Pods™”!

i got this, which at least i remembered to get the actual word count correct. i like this one, but i wont submit if i cant hear anyone elses ideas