Every single videogame you have played

Yeah, im of those people that have played a lot, and by a lot i mean A LOT
used to play videogames as a smaller child, (And i kind of still do lol), now that i spend time on other stuff that i also like,i dont play very often, then i saw my wii, nostalgia hit me and thought “Really how many games i have played?” , decided to write it and was… more than i expected

anyway, stories aside, stating by me, here is mah list

(A) = Game finished, Any%
100%= Game finished with what counts for 100% to the game, But still there is stuff to do,
T100% = Game finished completly, i have collected every single thing and there is nothing more to do
Number + C = Credits used, ie 3C = 3 credits , continues
1cc= One Credit Challenge, Meaning that didn’t use a single continue
(P) = Game that haven’t finished, but played and planning to finish
(X) = Game that Didn’t finish due various circumstances, just dropped out or no longer own the game
? = Uncertain what means “Completed” The game doesn’t have an objectice nor something that triggers the credits screen
(EX) - I mastered that game,Usually menaing that im capable of doing really weird things like no damage runs, or speedruning stuff (And actually being successfull), as well , implies that the game has been True100% cleared unless has another tag aswell

Arcade videogames

Metal Slug 1 T100% (12C)
Metal Slug 2 T100% (9C)
Metal Slug X T100% (13C)
Metal Slug 3 T100% (1CC) (EX)
Metal Slug 4 T100% (23C)
Metal Slug 5 T100% (21C)
Ironclad T100% (17C)
Spin masters T100% (1CC)
Zupapa T100% (?C) (Dont remember)
Neo Bomberman (?C) (Dont remember) (and no soly, its not an undertale reference)

NES (Nintendo entertainment system)

Kid icarus T100%
TLOZ 100%
Kirby Adventure 100%
Punch Out! T100%
Feliz the cat T100%
Super mario bros 3 T100%
Mother T100%


Mario land T100%
Donkey kong 94’ T100%
Link awakening (X)


Mario world (A)
Yoshi’s Island (A)
Kirby super star 100%
Tetris attack T100%
Kirby Dream land 3 100%
Yoshi’s safari T100%
Pacman 2 (A)
Super metroid(A)
Link to the past (X)
Goof troop T100%


Kirby 64 T100%
Super mario 64 (A)
TLOZ Ocarina of time (A)
TLOZ Majora’s mask(A)
Banjo kazooie T100%
Yoshi Story T100%
Starfox 64 (A)
Mario kart 64 (A)
Paper mario (A)
Pokemon Snap T100%
Pokemon Puzzle league 100%
Sin and punishment 100%
Mario party 2 (?) (A)
Super smash bros T100%
Bomberman hero (A)


TLOZ the minish cap (A)
Kirby and the amazing mirror 100%
Miother 3 T100%
Pokemon Saphire (A)
Marip party advance T100%
Battle for volcano island (A)
Wario ware twisted (A)
Wario ware inc (A)
Pokemon mystery dungeon red (A)
Mario & Luigi Super star saga (X)
Pokemon Pinball 100%


Battle for volcano island (A)
Lego Star wars II 100%
Metroid prime (A)
TLOz Four swords adventures T100%
Star fox assault (A)
Shadow the hedhehog (A)
Teen titans 100%
Luigi’s mansion 100%
DK Jungle beat 100%
Viewtiful joe 2 100%
Pikmin T100%
Pokemon colosseum (P)
Mario sunshine (A)
TLOZ wind waker (A)
Super smash bros meele (X)

Wii/Wii ware

Wii sports?
Resident evil 4 (A)
New super mario bros wii T100%
Mario galaxy (A)
Mario galaxy 2 T100%
TLOZ skyward sword 100%
Kirby Return to dream land T100% (EX)
The conduit 2 100%
Super smash bros brawl 100% (EX)
Lego star wars the complete saga (A)
Wii play 100%
Wii play motion 100%
Wii party?
Silent hill Shattered.memories (A)
Wario ware smooth moves 100%
Obscure the aftermath T100%
Dead rising chop till you drop 100%
Kirby epic yarn T100%
Metal slug 6 T100%
Mario party 8 T100%
Mario party 9 T100%
Resident evil umbrella chronicles (A)
Sin and punishment 2 100%
Metriod prime 3 (A)
Crash of the titans (A)
Rayman origins T100%
Mario sports mix t100%
Pokepark 2 (A)
Pokepark 1 (A)
Ghost squad T100%
Pokemon battle revolution100%
Wario land shake it (A)
Super paper mario 100%
Rampage total destruction (A)
Megaman 10 (A)
Zombie panic (A)
Wii sports ressort (A)
Lego Lord of the rings (A)
Mario kart wii (A)
TLOZ Twilight princess (P)
Wii music ?
Xenoblade Chronicles X (P)
Sin and punishment echoes 100%
Donkey kong country returns 100%
Metroid Other M T100%
Punch out!! 100%
Super paper mario 100%
Last story (P)
Pandora Tower (P)


TLOZ phantom hourglass (A)
Kirby super star ultra 100%
Wario ware touched (A)
Wario ware DIY (A)
Big bang mini (A)
The world ends with you 100%
Ace attorney T100%
Castlevania order of eclessia (P)


TLOZ Breath of the wild (P)(Still working on the 100%)
Xenoblade chronicles X (A)
Super mario 3d World T100%
Pokemon rumble U (A)
Terraria 1.2 T100% ?
Super smash bros U T100%
Pokken Tournament 100%
Pikmin 3 100%
Nintendo land (A)
Resident evil revelations 100%
Yoshi wolly world (A)
Splatoon T100%
Mario maker?
New super LUIGI U T100%
Mario kart 8 (A)
Hyrule warriors 100%
Pokken Tournament (A)
Monster hunter 3U (P)


Kirby battle royale T100%
Kirby planet robobot T100%
Pokemon Alpha saphire 100%
Luigi’s mansion dark moon 100%
Pokemon super mistery dungeon (A) (This game is just soo big,after 600Hrs got like 87% )
TLOZ Link between worlds (A)
Capitan toad 100%
Fire emblem fates (A)
Mario&luigi Dream team 100%
Paper mario sticker star (A)
AR Games T100%
Face racers T100%
Kid icarus uprising (A)
Fire emblem warriors (A)


Mario maker 2 100%
Splatoon 2 T100%
Super smash bros ultimate T100%
TLOZ age of calamity (A)
Dark souls Remastered T100%
Astral chain (A)
Kirby Star allies T100% (EX)
Kirby Forgot landT100%
Skyrim (A)
Resident evil 6 100%
Resident evil 5 100%
Resident evil revelations 2 (A)
Crypt of the necrodancer (A)
Cadence of hyrule (A)
hollow knight 100%

Mobile ports/PC

Terraria 1.3 T100%?
Minecraft PE (T100% as 1.16)
Celeste (A) (Still working on it)
Starbound T100%?
Just shapes and beats 100%
Plants vs Zobies!!! T100%
Don’t starve (A)
Don’t starve together (P)
Touhou 6 Embodiment of scarlet devil (P)
Spelunky 2 (P)
Spelunky classic (A)
Terraria (A) (As 1.4.3)
Undertale T100%

Mobile only/Uncategorized

Soul knight (T100% as 2.5.2)
Candies and curses 100%
Plants VS zombies 2(T100% when The last world just dropped)
Bad piggies 100%
Sonic 2 (A)
Win XP minesweeper (on expert level)lol
Unjammer lammy (A)

Long post, Have a Potato :potato:


here’s mine


Earthbound (X)
Megaman X 100%
Goof Troop (A)
Super Mario Bros 2 (X)
Super Mario Kart ?


Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening (X)


Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town ?
The Legend of Zelda the Minish Cap (A)
The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past and 4 Swords (X)
Mother 3 (A)
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (X)
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (A)
Kirby Nightmare in DreamLand (X)
Castlevania Aria of Sorrow (A)
Castlevania Symphony of the Night (X)
Rave Master Special Attack Force T100%
Megaman Battle Network (A)
Megaman Battle Network 2 (X)
Metal Slug Advanced (X)
Pokemon Fire Red (A)
Pokemon Leaf Green (X)
Pokemon Emerald (A)
Pokemon Ruby (X)
Rhythm Tengoku (A)
Shining Soul 1 (X)
Shining Soul 2 (A)
V Rally 3 (X)
Scurge Hive (X)
Sonic Advanced 1 (X)
Sonic Advanced 2 (X)
Sonic Advanced 3 T100%
Super Dodge Ball Advanced (X)
YuGiOh! The Sacred Cards (X)
Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones (X)
Iridion 2 (X)
Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga (A)
Mario Kart Super Circuit (X)
Mario Party Advanced 100%
Mario Tennis Power Tour 100%
Yoshi’s Island (X)
Donkey Kong Country (X)
WarioWare Inc. (A)
WarioWare Twisted (A)
Sword of Mana (X)
The Magical Quest 2 (X)
The Magical Quest 3 (X)
Medabots Metabee (X)
Digimon Battle Spirits (X)
Klonoa Empire of Dreams (A)
Klonoa 2 Dream Champ Tournament (X)
Dragon Ball Z Buu’s Fury 100%
The Legacy of Goku (A)
Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure (A)
Street Fighter 2 (X)
Tekken Advance (A)
Astro Boy Omega Factor T100%


The World End With You (A)
Rune Factory (X)
Rune Factory 3 (X)
Rhythm Heaven (X)
Kirby SuperStar Ultra (A)
Kirby Mass Attack (X)
Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks (X)
Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass (X)
Sims 3
Megaman ZX (X)


Super Mario 64 (X)
Paper Mario (X)
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (X)
Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask (X)
Megaman Legends (X)
Banjo Kazooie (X)


Guardian Tales ?
Mobile Legends Bang Bang ?
Pokemon Unite ?
Starry Flowers T100%
Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet T100%
Contract Demon T100%
Her Tears were My Light T100%
Astra’s Garden T100%
First Kiss at Spooky Soiree T100%
Soul Knight ?
Starrows (A)
Idleon (X)
Nameless Cat T100%
Dadish T100%
Dadish 2 (P)
Phantom Rose Scarlet ?
Clash Royal ?
Clash of Clans ?
Brawl Stars ?
Among Us ?
Angry Birds Epic (X)
Battle Cats (X)
Bloons TD battles ?
Pixel Survival Game World (X)
Fruit Ninja ?
Jetpack Joyride ?
Subway Surfers ?
Dan the Man (X)
Flappy Bird ?
Doodlejump ?
Dragon City ?
Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 ?
Geometry Dash Sub Zero (X)
BitLife ?
Life is a Game ?
Minecraft Pocket Edition (X)
Coin Princess ?
Swordigo (X)
There is no Game T100%
Bee Factory Tycoon ?


Terraria (A)
Genshin Impact ?
Lonely Wolf Treat Complete 100%
Roblox ?
Forager ?
Angry Birds (A)
Bad Piggies (A)
Epic Battle Fantasy (X)
Epic Battle Fantasy 2 (X)
Epic Battle Fantasy 3 (X)
Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (X)
Epic Battle Fantasy 5 (A)
West of Loathing (A)
Legends of Runeterra (X)
Minecraft (X)


imma just list the ones i enjoyed


  • bart bonte games
  • Dadish 1-3
  • Nameless Cat
  • Soda Dungeon
  • Cut the Rope (the one with Om Nom)
  • King of Thieves

Nintendo (and non-nintendo games too that are on their consoles)

  • Super Mario Maker 2
  • Yo-Kai Watch
  • NSMB2 (the one with alot of coins)
  • Super Mario Oddysey
  • Hollow Knight
  • Celeste
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate


  • Terraria
  • Geometry Dash
  • Undertale
  • Deltarune 1/2
  • DDLC
  • roblos???

I had a lot of older Nintedo consoles but I was far too young to remember most of the games I played on them. However I do remember the consoles I had: SNES, GBA, 3DS, DS, 3DS XL, Wii, Wii U and N64


Fortnite | ?
Animal Crossing : New horizons | ?
Splatoon 2 | ?
Tetris 99 | ?
Apex legends | ?
Minecraft | A
Splatoon 3 | ?
Overcooked | ?
Super Mario Odyssey | A
Deltarune | A


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End | X
Fortnite | ?
Call of Duty Black ops 3 | A
Call of Duty Black ops 2 | A
Plants vs zombies: Garden warfare 2 | ?
LittlebigPlanet3 | 100%
Apex legends | ?
Overwatch | ?
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon | X
Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 | X
GTA V | 100%
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare | A
Minecraft | A


LittleBigplanet | 100%
LittleBigPlanet 2 | 100%
LittleBigPlanet karting | ?
Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition | A
Plants Vs zombies: Garden warfare | ?
Call of Duty Black ops | A
Call of Duty Black ops 2 | A
Call of Duty Black ops 3 | A
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 | A
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 | A
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare | A
Terraria | 100%
Call of Duty World at War | X
GTA V | T100%
ModNation Racers | ?
Cars 2 | ?
MX vs. ATV Alive | ?


Crab Game | ?
DDLC | 100%
Bloons Tower Defense 6 | P
Bloons Tower Defense 5 | P
Bloons Tower Defense Battles | ?
Bloons Tower Defense Battles 2 | ?
GraalClassic Online | ?
GraalEra Online | ?
Roblox | ?
Terraria | 100%
Minecraft Bedrock Edition | A
Don’t Starve Together | P
Brawlhalla | ?
MultiVersus | ?
CSGO | ?
Valorant | ?
Helltaker | 100%
Muck | X
Osu | ?
Quaver | ?
Splitgate | ?
Stumble Guys | ?
DeathlyStillness | ?
Apex Legends | ?
AimLabs | ?
Fortnite | ?
Geometry Dash | A
Undertale | A
DeltaRune | A
Five Nights at Freddy’s Ultimate Custom Night | P ( Trying to beat 50/20 mode)
Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 | A
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 | A
Plants Vs zombies | 100%
Plants Vs zombies Garden Warfare | ?
Friday Night Funkin’ | A
Call of Duty Black ops 2 | A
Slime Rancher | A
Cuphead | A
Fall Guys | ?
Rocket League | ?


Clash Royale | ?
Clash Of Clans | X
Boom Beach | X
Hay day | X
Brawl Stars | ?
Tetris | ?
Plants vs zombies | 100%
Plants vs zombies 2 | P
Subway Surfers | ?
Minecraft | X
Terraria | A
Cut the rope | A
Cut the rope 2 | A
Where’s my Water | A
Where’s my Water 2 | A
Doodle Jump| ?
King of Thieves | ?
Soul Knight | ?
Flappy bird | ?
Crossy Road | ?
Apex Legends: Mobile | ?
Bad Piggies | X
Pocket Morty | X
Jetpack Joyride | ?
Dan the Man | X
Hill Climb Racing | ?
Pou | ?
Talking Tom | ?
Talking Tom 2 | ?
My Talking Tom | ?
Burrito Bison | ?
Geometry Dash | A
Geometry Dash Meltdown | A
Geometry Dash Lite | A
Geometry Dash Subzero | A
Geometry Dash World | A
Hungry shark | ?
BitLife | ?

I bet I’m missing a handful of games from each category
“I have the gold brain fish of a memory”


I’ve been playing video games since I was 4 years old. If I could tell you all the ones I remember playing, I’d be telling you less than half.


It might just be me but i used to think that everyone used to play minecraft but noone has listed it yet


Literally everyone who made a list (as for now) except soly listed it lol