I have a suggestion.

We, players, we wish to participate at more events, like pvp tournaments, building competitions etc.
because i see here is a boring athmosphere without more events.
More events cause players play on our server more than now.

We want more events !

There are. Server events under the Server/website news.

There were a lot of events right before you joined, if you joined earlier you may have joined some of them.
If you get bored often… You’re welcome to leave.
No Offense

It’s an offense to me.I porpose to make some events because the summertime will leave us and some student from server will leave, and you …

Why you understanding “I’m bored” ?
I say"It’s a boring …" no “I’m bored”.
Ask terrariabutterfly, today some peoples say “It’s a boring server” " How can i delete the server from favorites" etc.

Wait wait wait wait wait…
The person said that It’s Boring isn’t bored?
So… Why should he say that the server is boring when he’s not even bored.

I said “it’s a boring athmosphere” what you don’t understand?
Please don’t remove context.

And that person said about server, it’'s boring you know, because this person it’s bored.Lol .

Think !

This is very confusing… Lol.